Made in the USA

This is a list of all the dispensers that have been spotted on the Good Old 3.8 USA Stems, 1978-79.


Boy on dark blue

Cop on blue

Doctor on red, yellow and white

Knight on red

Nurse on a light blue and white

Pilot on dark blue

Pirate on white

Sheriff on yellow and red

Fireman on red

Maharaja on dark blue, red, yellow and grey

Ringmaster on black

Engineer on blue


Daniel Boone on red

Captain on dark blue and red

Stewardess on powder blue


Goofy (removable teeth) on red, blue and lavender

Goofy (painted teeth) on red

Scrooge on dark/royal blue and red

Donald Duck on white, powder blue, red, lavender and orange

Mickey on Green, yellow, pink, red and orange

Pluto on black, green, red, dark yellow, yellow, blue, orange and dark blue

Zorro on black

Captain Hook on dark blue and black

Jiminy Cricket on yellow or green


Monkey Sailor on yellow

Pony-go-round (Orange head, Blue mane) on yellow and dark blue

Cow A (dark orange head) on green

Cow A (yellow head) on green

Cow A (purple head) on yellow

Crocodile on red

FEB on dark pink and powder blue

Gorilla on white

Cat with Derby (yellow head) on blue

Lamb on light yellow


Santa (Closed Eyes) on cherry red, red

Snowman A on black and white


Octopus (pale orange head/butterscotch) on black

Octopus (orange head) on orange and violet

Skull A on a black, orange, lavender, dark blue and blue

3 Piece witch on kelly green, orange, lavender and black

One Eye Monster (orange head) on orange

One Eye Monster (butterscotch head) on yellow

Mr. Ugly on orange, black, kelly green and yellow

Clown with Chin on dark blue


Chick in Egg


Roar the Lion on an orange

Mimic (orange face) on white

Mimic (blue face) on white

Fishman (black head) on orange, green and violet

Fishman (green head) on orange


Coach Whistle on red, yellow, purple, dark blue, powder blue, orange, pink and green


Superheroes, Eerie Spectres and Disney softheads on black, red, blue, gray,

yellow, purple, green, orange and pink.


Updated 2/18/04


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