Crazy Inner Sleeve Colors and Buttons

as started by "Gerad, Heather, Fozzie and Greensleeves"



Angel (nf)----------------------------------------pink sleeve

Batman------------------------------------------spearmint pusher and sleeve

Boy (wf)----------------------------------------- translucent yellow sleeve

FEB (nf)------------------------------------------peach (sleeve is light,pusher is dark)

Hook (nf)-----------------------------------------pusher - peach sleeve - pink

Cat wDerby(nf)-------------------------------- pink pusher and sleeve

Chick w/hat (nf)--------------------------------pale yellow pusher and sleeve

Chick w/hat (nf)-------------------------------translucent yellow sleeve

Cockatoo (nf)----------------------------------translucent yellow sleeve

Cockatoo (nf)----------------------------------cream pusher and sleeve

Cow----------------------------------------------light pink

Donald B (nf)-------------------------------- pusher - peach, sleeve- pink

Skull (wf)-------------------------------------sleeve-spearmint

Duck w/flower (nf)-------------------------yellow sleeve

Fozzie (wf)--------------------------------- spearmint pusher and sleeve

Giraffe (nf) ----------------------------------sleeve- lt. pink

Gonzo (wf)----------------------------------pusher and sleeve spearmint PEZ on one reads down instead of up

Goofy A (nf)--------------------------------pusher and sleeve pink

Hulk A (nf)----------------------------------pusher and sleeve pink

Lamb A (nf)--------------------------------peach sleeve

Lamb A/B (nf)----------------------------yellow sleeve

Mickey C (nf, MOC)-------------------sleeve translucent blue (MOC), yellow

Mickey E (wf)----------------------------sleeve translucent yellow

Mickey E (wf)----------------------------translucent peach sleeve

Piggy/lashes (wf)-----------------------pusher and sleeve-spearmint(green)

Piggy/lashes(wf)------------------------pusher and sleeve-peppermint(blue)

Pirate (nf)-----------------------------green

Mowgli (nf)--------------------------------yellow sleeve

Mr Ugly (nf)------------------------------pusher - peach sleeve - pink

Panda A (nf)----------------------------sleeve-yellow

Panda A (nf)---------------------------sleeve-pale spearmint

Panda B (wf)-------------------------- translucent baby blue sleeve - this is the thick eared one, the newest

Pluto A/B (nf)-------------------------yellow sleeve (two have yellow pusher), cream, pink (one with mathcing pusher)

Pony Go Round (nf)----------------peach sleeve

Road Runner A (nf)-----------------pusher and sleeve- pale spearmint

Rooster (nf)----------------------------pusher and sleeve-cream

Santa C (nf)---------------------------sleeves- peach, yellow

Scrooge A (nf)------------------------sleeve- yellow

Snowman "A" (nf)----------------------hot pink

Smurf A (wf) --------------------------sleeeve- translucent yellow

Sylvester A (nf)----------------------sleeve-yellow

C16 truck------------------------------pusher and sleeve-cream (thin underspine)

Zorro A (nf)---------------------------sleeve- peach

Lil Lion (nf)---------------------------sleeve-yellow

Practical Pig (nf)-------------------pusher - matches flesh tone of face, sleeve- pink

Petunia Pig (wf) -------------------weird translucent pale peppermint-blue

Roar (nf)-------------------------------sleeve-pink

Petunia pig (NF 3.9)------------ dark yellowish sleeve, white pusher

Goofy hot pink face removable teeth (NF no patent)------------ hot pink sleeve/pusher

Donald Duck (NF 3.9)------------ cream sleeve/pusher

Practical Pig A (NF 3.9)------------ cream sleeve/pusher

Woodstock w/feathers (3.9 thin feet)------------ red pusher

Snoopy (3.9 WF)------------ red pusher

Arlene (3.9 WF)------------ pink pusher

Smiling Garfield (3.9 WF) yellow sleeve,red pusher

Panther (2.6 NF)------------ Pink sleeve,red pusher

Dr.Skull (2.6 NF)------------ red pusher

Mr.Ugly Teal  Face (2.6 NF)------------ red pusher

Light  Pink FEB (3.9 NF)------------ pink sleeve/pusher

Lamb (3.9 WF)------------ red pusher

Blind Santa (3.9 NF and WF)------------ red pusher

Snowman Removable Mouth (NF 3.9)------------ yellow sleeve,red pusher

Duck MMM (2.6 NF)------------ cream sleeve, red pusher

Maharahjah (3.4 NF)------------ yellow sleeve,red pusher

Sheik Black Snap On Band  (3.4 NF)------------cream pusher

Stewardess (2.6 NF)------------pink sleeve,red pusher

Pilot (3.9 NF)------------yellow sleeve,red pusher

Panda MMM (3.9 WF)------------- red pusher


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