Peter Pez


First we have Peter Pez "A". I had only 5 people tell me about this guy, but they were all the same.

3.9, Hong Kong, IMC # 6

Lt Blue Stem, NF

Red Lips

Hat brim completely rounded

Yellow Pez sticker on hat

Edelman/Laspina also list this same one with feet and then another variation with a pink mouth, black eyes, and a black sticker on the hat.


Now for our current Peter Pez "B". Apparently he has recently undergone a few minor changes. Most likely due to the fact that he is now being produced in a new country. Slovenia vs. Hungary.


First our Hungarian Peters:

Stems: Red, Blue, Yellow, Mauve (I know of one on a white stem that was bought MOC but I never received the details on this one to add to this list)

His stem is a 4.9, Hungary with an IMC # 1<BR>

The hat brim has been flattened in the back as opposed to the "A" version that was completely round.


Next our Slovenian Peter:

We start out with the usual Red, Blue and Yellow stems but now we have purple as opposed to mauve.

There is now a copyright on the back of his head which reads TM (then the mark for copyright). Beneath that is 1970 PEZ. (I did receive one mention of a Hungarian Peter with this copyright, but overall they seem to only be on the Slovenian Peter which is now shipping.)

The stem is still 4.9 but now is from Slovenia with an IMC # 5

His lips appear to be a lighter purple than the former maroonish color and at least one person claims that his eyes are larger than before.

These are also now being found in mass quantities with the new inserts.

The Purple stem version almost matches the color on the top of that insert.

Very coordinated looking!


The one additional variation to this is one of questionable heritage.

"Rico": I only received information on one of these.

He is on a yellow 4.9 stem from Hungary with an IMC # 1

His hat is stamped with the word RICO as opposed to PEZ

other than the Rico he seems to be a typical Hungarian Peter Pez.


More, please...VARIATIONS!                                 No more, thanks!