An assortment of button shapes and colors!  And I'm sure there are many, many more...


round red with protrusion (most common with older footed)

round white without protrusion

round off-white with protrusion (USA)

pink round with protrusion (Cockatoo and other pink IS dispensers)

flesh round with protrusion (check Zorro)

clear/white round with protrusion (most common with currents)

clear/white round without protrusion (not very common)

spearmint round with protrusion (check Miss Piggy)

rectangular yellow (common with the spineless footed)

rectangular blue (common with the spineless footed)

rectangular white (common with the spineless footed)

rectangular red (common with vintage)

rectangular spearmint (Cool Cat)

orange cut corner rectangular (check Pumkin, Indian MMM and Skull A)

burnt orange cut corner rectangular (Cool Cat)

white cut corner rectangular

pink cut corner rectangular


Updated 12/8/00


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