Softhead Batman

1. head marked Hong Kong

2. head not marked Hong Kong

(both A and B have copyrights that say "DC COMICS INC 1979")



Batman A

1. cowl and mask blue with copyright that says "Sign. Nat'l Periodical

Pub's. Inc."

2. cowl blue, mask black (see Welch's first book for picture)



Batman A with Cape

blue cape and cowl


Batman B

1. same as A except the copyright now says "D.C. COMICS INC 1985"

shade of blue may vary some from Batman A

2. same again, but now he's got a black cowl and mask


Batman C (commonly called Dark Knight)

1. ears pointy and thin

2. ears less pointy and a little thicker


For collecting's sake there are also the 4 different Batmen released

recently on the orange graphic cards:

1. Batman B1 with blue stem

2. Batman B2 with blue stem

3. Batman C1 with black stem

4. Batman C1 with blue stem


The one thing I took off the original list was the reference to the

black Batman with cape, since no one responded whether or not it was

authentic, and it seemed that someone had mentioned once that it was


That was very interestingLet's see more!               Forget it.   I'm finished!