Hey, Good Buddy!

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Four different Truck types have been produced.  

The "A" series has four wheels that move/roll and a single fender over the back wheel.

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 The "B" series have six wheels that roll and have fenders that dip between the back two wheels.

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 The "C" series Trucks have six wheels that roll, but it's fenders are straight over the back two wheels.  

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This is the "CR" Series.  It is exactly like the "C" Series in that it has wheels that turn, but it has a cab style similar to the next series, "D."

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 The current Trucks on the market, "D" series, have six wheels and they do not roll.  You can see how these wheels have no axle and do not move.

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One might think that's all there is to these Trucks, but no :)

 The "A", "B", "C" and "D" is just the beginning.  Along with a gajillion different cab and stem colors, there are different cab styles too.   Each cab is marked with a number.  Series "A" and "B" will be marked with a single digit.  Series "C" can be marked with a single digit, or with a "R" followed by a single digit.  These "C" Series with with an "R" are called "CR". "D" Series will always have a "R" followed by a single digit (you can call them "DR" if you want.   Here's an example:

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The marking on the left is a "D" (non-movable wheels) Series Truck.  It would be called "DR4".  The one on the right is off an "A" Series Truck and this Truck would be called "A4".  So one might find an "A1" or a "B13" or a "C2" or a "CR3" or a "DR4".  The list is endless.

Also note that the cabs overlap in the different Series.  For example:

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See how the "A" and "C" above have the same cab design?

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And pictured above shows a "CR" (top) and a "DR" (bottom) both with Cab number 4.  And they would be called?  You got it!  They would be a "CR4" and a "DR4".  You move to the head off the class!  You've made me very proud :)

Here's a shot of some assorted "A" Trucks.

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and some "C" Trucks.

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Looks like I-70 during Thanksgiving weekend.

Here's some more useless information about Pez Trucks !

"A" Series Trucks have wheels that have 6 pairs of spokes that form a "star" shape. Interesting to note that the latest Series, "D", has the same the same wheels as the "A".  The stem has no raised spine on the underneath of the stem. It's flat. The two (one on each side) stem nubs are "half circles".

"B" Series Trucks have wheels that have five individual spokes and a dot between each. The stem has no raised spine. The stem has four (instead of two) stem nubs that hold the fender assembly to the stem.

"C" Series Trucks have six pairs of spokes. The individual spoke runs parallel with the other in its pair as to not form a star like the "A" Series wheel. The most notable difference in these wheels as compared to the "A" Series is that the wheel area is much more recessed than the "A" Series.

Here's a pic of the wheels that might help explain.

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There's an "A", "B" and a "C".

Here's a couple of the C Series in some really odd colors.

The Pink and Black Set.  These do have movable wheels, but you may find that some have the wheels actually glued in place.  So they are movable but they're not.  Make sense?  I didn't think so.

The Yellow and Black Set.  There is also a Series of orange and black.  That's on my Wish List!

And we have the these "D" machines. 

I've always been confused about how many there are and which is which.  From what I've heard, there two sets of 32 for a total of 64.  There are glowing and non-glowing stems, red and orange wheels, four different cab styles and two different cab colors.  That's a lot of Trucks, and it looks like I need a few more!

Here's a look at some of the new Trucks on the scene.

This is the new E Series.  Once again, they have movable wheels!

And some specialty Trucks.

First is Nivea.  Just noticed, either it's not supposed to have fenders, or I got ripped :)  This one is a "D" Series style.

And there's a couple of retailers for your enjoyment, and are the "E" Series type.

Walgreens and...

Walmart.  Always Low Prices, you know.

Another on my Wish List are the Cockta Trucks from Slovenia.


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