Yep, Batman and friends are here, and with some more of the Softheads!  Let's start with Batman.

Batman with Cape


Shown is a 2.6 Austria and a DBP.  Many of the Batman with Capes will be DBP.  The cape will be very pliable.  There were some repros made years ago.  You can tell a repro by the feel.  It is very rigid plastic.  These repros can be found in black, also.  And, believe it or not, there truly is a legit black Batman with Cape.  From what I hear, it's one of a kind!

Now onto some later issues of Batman.

Starting from the left we have Dark Knights, dusty blue Small Ears, and black Small Ears. Here's a look at some of their cool Variations.

Small Ears

The blue headed dude can be either the Original or Remake.  The black guy will always be the Remake.  How do I tell if it's a Remake or Original?

Good question.

The one on the left is the Original.  His copyright will read Sign Nat'l Periodical Pub's Inc.  The Remake, on the right, reads DC Comics Inc 1985.  At least I think it's 1985.  My eyes are so bad.

Here's something "fun" to do.

Some dispensers have what collectors call a Dual IMC.  This is the injection molding code with two digits, like the 4/1 above.  A mold for a dispenser has eight cavities.  Each of the cavities is numbered 1 through 8.  The dispenser above popped out of cavity number one.  Now you know that out there somewhere there is one from each cavity.  That's the goal.  Find one of each, 4/1, 4/2, etc...  These Dual IMC Batman dispensers will always be the Originals, and they'll be on 3.4 stems.  I just finished collecting all the Batman ones so now I'm moving onto another 3.4 Dual IMC dispenser.  Yes, "fun" is a relative term.

Dark Knight

When he first came out in 1996, he had very pointy ears (shown on the right).  I guess they felt this was a bit dangerous so he got a more rounded look (shown on the left).

As long as we're on Batman...

Let's add in the Softheads.  The Softhead Batman, along with all the other Softhead Superheroes, came with two different head markings.   One will have "DC Comics 1978" and the other will have "Hong Kong DC Comics 1978."  They look so serious!

Different copyrights, different faces?

Yep, see how they differ?


All the Softheads will be on 3.8 USA stems.  These guys sure look happier than Batman.


Shown are a Hong Kong, only DC, and an only DC on yellow.  And these guys look like they're having a ball!


She looks like she put on a few pounds since I saw her, back in the day.

Wonder Woman

I'm telling you, the one on the right is pissed!

Green Hornet

Look for him with different hat styles and hat colors.


Sorry about the poor quality of the lime green guys.  My camera sure didn't like them much.  Shown, from left, is dark green Hulk A, light green Hulk A, Hulk B, and Hulk C (talk about your large heads!).

Here's some to look for.

This is Hulk B on the darker green stem.  He also comes on a pink stem.  How could they do that to Hulk?

Plastic spring vs. metal.

Some dispensers, including Hulk A, will be on some of the first Hong Kong stems.  They can even be a 3.4.  Some of the first have a metal spring!  Shown is the Hong Kong plastic, left, and the metal.  These HK metal springs have a different look compared to an Austria metal spring.  The uprights are much more narrow on the HK.

Wonder Woman

Not to be confused with the Softhead, this is Wonder Woman A and Wonder Woman B.  The major difference between the two is the star on her head.

The older version has a raised star.

The later version was just flat.


Mighty Thor.  Look for him on a blue stem, too.


Shown are two Spiderman A's (NF and WF), B, and C.  And their heads just get bigger every time!  The one to look for is the Spiderman A with no webbing on the back of their head.  It's a keeper!


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