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Yes, it's time for a Smurf lesson.  There's a couple of fun Variations with these guys and gal.  Let's start out with the fun one.  Ladies first!

This is Smurfette.

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It was getting dark and had to use the flash.  Please accept my humble apologies for the poor quality picture.  Ok, I feel better.   Now, the one on the right is the new and improved version, and the older ones are on the left.  But, there's more to the older gal than meets the eye.

Check out the facial features on her.

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From top left, clockwise (I've always wanted to use that format) is Smurfette with flat eye, with molded eyelashes and tongue, with molded eyes, and with molded tongue only.  All four are the older version.

And the Gentleman...

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This is Smurf.  Unlike Smurfette and Papa Smurf, Smurf can be found with no feet, and on three different stem colors.  The ones shown are all 3.9s. 

A little more about eyes...

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From left: Austria, Austria, Yugoslavia.  The one on the far left has the biggest eyes I could find for an Austria.  The one in the middle is small, but normal.  The one on the right is normal for a Yugoslavia.  Try highlighting the picture.  Weird, huh!?

Here's another one for the hunt.

smtrans.jpg (34492 bytes)

A bit easier to find are the transitional Smurfs.  Seems Pez must have had a few of the older models left so they threw them on the newer cards, and the cool new stem colors.  Look for the older Smurfette style on a neon pink, too!

And the older Gentleman...

smpapa.jpg (28800 bytes)

Shown is his new self and his old self.  Papa Smurf will normally be found on red.  I say normally because there is a white hat Papa that will be found on a blue stem.  Pretty cool looking dispenser!  But beware of imposters.  A white hat Papa could be a white hat Smurf with a beard.  Buy this one from a reputable source, or make sure it's carded.  It will usually be found on a striped card with one pack of candy.

Mean...and a Smart one, too!

Here's two new ones that came out in the second series, Gargamel and Brainy Smurf.  One to look for is Brainy on a tangerine stem, a bit lighter than the one shown.


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