Reproduction Parts

Always a hotly debated topic among all types of collectors, Repro parts have made their way into the Pez World.  Some feel that having a Repro part while they wait to find a real piece is fine with them.  Others feel that they are a detriment to the hobby down the road.  Regardless of how you feel, a little information about them can't hurt.  I've put together the following information and close-up pics so that you might be able to better spot a Repro part by learning the differences between a real and a Repro.  This will hopefully be helpful to all Pez collectors, whether for or against.  I also want to add that if I sound critical of the workmanship of the maker of the Repros, it's not my intent.  I'm only trying show the differences in them.  My hat's off to the creators as they obviously are a talented and creative bunch.

Also, try to remember two keywords, texture and pliability.   Not sure pliability is a word, but it is now :)  These are the two things that set the two parts, Repro and real, apart. 

Boy with Cap

cap.jpg (34176 bytes)

Above you'll find, from left, a real Boy's Cap, Repro Boy's Cap, and, in my humble opinion, a Repro Boy's cap in red.  Red caps do exist, but the one above is not.  Here's why.   Texture.  The texture of the real cap is smooth.  The other two are quite rough.  Considering that the real was made in the factory and the others at home, it makes sense.  The other is reason is the pliability of them.  The real is quite pliable.  The others, although they do give a bit, they do not bend as much as the real.

Here's a slightly different angle of the above. 


capb.jpg (26142 bytes)

It shows the somewhat grainy texture of the two on the right.

The other way to tell is their post.

cappost.jpg (34282 bytes)

The tip of the real cap has a post with a rounded tip.  The other two have a "two-tiered" type of post.

Here's a close-up of the two blues.

cappostb.jpg (35742 bytes)

So remember pliability and texture.  And remember that texture can apply to the surface area and also the edges.  The above shows the edges of the hats pretty good.

Fireman's Hat

fireh.jpg (33419 bytes)

Unlike the Boy's caps above, the Fireman's hat never came in blue.  So, the above is a no brainer.  But I wanted to show them as the texture of these are quite different.  The Repro blue is very rough and can be spotted as a Repro quite easily.  And the edges of the badge is very obvious, too.

Mexican Earring

mexear.jpg (7758 bytes)         mexearr.jpg (13910 bytes)

Here's one that is quite impressive.  The earring on the left is real.  The one on the right is a Repro.  The detail of the Repro is quite detailed.  But it is easily distinguishable from the real one.

Here's how...

mexearrb.jpg (17054 bytes)

The back of the Repro is very different than the real.  See how the post "rounds" down to the earring?  The real will not have this taper.  Also, look at the end of the post.  It's a toothpick.  These particular Repros were made of resin and have no pliability to them at all. 

Another made form this material is the Mexican mustache.

mexstre.jpg (37774 bytes)

The detail is not quite as good as the earring.

Nurse's Cap

nurseh.jpg (25803 bytes)

By looking at the picture above it may seem that the Repro on the right is easy to spot.  Not really.  This one is made better than any I have seen.  The Repro looks rough in the pic, but not so much in real life.  And, the pliability of them is consistent.  They both have very little give.

The difference is in the post, again.

nursehp.jpg (20416 bytes)

The Repro is on the right.  So check the post, and it couldn't hurt to check the edges of the piece, as well.

Policeman's Badge.

polbadgf.jpg (18328 bytes)

The detail on this one is good, but not the color.  The Repro, right, is a dull sort of gray.

And flip it over...

polbadgb.jpg (24449 bytes)

The Repro is quite messy on the backside, especially the post.

The latest piece to come out is hair for Elephant with Hair.   The color of this is red, but I'm there will be more to follow.  I do not have a picture of this yet, but keep a watchful eye out.  I suspect it will have the same rough detail as the others above.

There are other parts that I hope to compare.  Some I have not seen and others I don't have the real to compare them  with.  If you can provide any additional information, I'd appreciate it.  And thanks to those who supplied the parts to me.  A little knowledge will hopefully help this wonderful hobby of ours.


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