Just a plain old Regular!


When the Pez dispenser was first introduced, it took the shape of a cigarette lighter and was sold with peppermint candies.  The one above is your classic Regular.  But there are many different types.  Unfortunately, my collection of Regulars will only scratch the surface of how many Variations exist, but we can cover a few.


Kind of like a slide rule.  Maybe?  See how all my Regular pictures tilt to the right?  I think my camera finger gets a little carried away when I snap.  Or my brain is just a bit lopsided.  Probably a little of both.


To me, the Pez dispenser has always been a disposable item.  Hence the collectibilty of the older ones we seek.  So why Pez, many moons ago, came out with a "one use" dispenser is beyond me.  Load the candy, release the catch at the bottom of the dispenser and the spring snaps into place.  After you savor the delicious little morsels, you just toss it out.

Happy 50th Pez Candy!

This was a premium from Pez in 2002.

Speaking of golden dispensers, here's the original Golden Glow.

Here are three different types.  The big difference in in their caps.  See the different Variations?  The one on the far right is tarnished, which is quite common.  Shown, from left, is a 3.9, 3.4 and a 2.6.

Not quite Silver.

We'll call this one a mono gray.  The normal mono (same inner sleeve color as the stem), on the left, is a 4.9 Hungary.  The one on the right, however, is a 3.9 and has no rear spine.  Pretty hard to find, IMO.   Now, see how just the one on the right is tilted.  How did I do that?

Now we're talking silver.


This is called Silver Glow.  Note the two different types of candy packs.

Klick and Spend


This is an extra long dispenser like the Disposable.  You might be thinking it's another bank dispenser, with the word Spend on the stem, but in this case Spend means to dispense.


The Personalized dispenser came with a kit so that one could emboss their name on the side.  BTW, Samantha, if you're out there, I have your dispenser.


There's a few remakes that have come out over the last decade, or so.  The first were the ones pictured above.   Then came...

the Japanese Regulars.  You gotta love the graphics on these.

And then the Retro Regulars.  They did a great job on these ones!