Popeye and Friends!

Here's a look at one of the oldest series put out by Pez.  We'll start with Popeye A, which was released in 1958.  Eh, keh, keh, keh, keh.  That's how Popeye sounds.  It is too!

Shown above are the butterscotch, cream on a light blue stem, and a cream on a medium blue stem.  All three are on 2.6 Austria stems.  Popeye A will also come with a flesh face.  I'm asking for that for Christmas.  Also note that there is just a "stump" and a hole for his pipe.  There is nothing missing on them.  That's just the way he came.  You may not have noticed but there is a big mold Variation between the butterscotch and the cream.

Check out their hats.

See how the butterscotch has a hat with a very pointy brim?  Also worth noting is that the butterscotch is a metal pin and the cream is a plastic pin.  But, believe it or not, they do come vice-versa.

On to Popeye B.

Like Popeye A, all the above are 2.6 Austria, with two on medium blue, one with no IMC and one with IMC 2, and the third on a medium blue stem with no IMC.  And all the above have plastic pins but can be found with metal...if you're lucky!

And, like Popeye A...

Just a stump and hole for the pipe.  See the one on the right?

Next up, Popeye C.

He finally gets a real pipe!  And, believe it or not, it's just a Mickey Mouse removable nose from Mickey C.  Popeye C comes with either a red or white hat, and will always be on a Hong Kong stem.

And finally we get to Popeye's "friends."

Here's Brutus and Olive Oyl.  I know what you're thinking.  Hey, Rob, those are really beat up!  Well, yes, they are, but it's very hard to find these guys with perfect paint.  Olive Oyl just had a way of rubbing her cheeks against the sidewalk.   I still think she's the bomb, though!


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