What a fun series! 

All Pez Pals start looking like this, a generic head.  This head will have holes where hats and beards and many other accessories can be added.  Add some parts and pieces and they are transformed into different characters.  There was a Pez comic strip thats premise was a boy who had numerous disguises.  He was called Pezi Ace Detective.  Let's see how this works...

Here's a look at some of the different head molds...


There are three different head hole designs on these characters.  The first, from left, has a hole in the nose, cheek, one under his hair above his ear (not visible) and one for his hinge pin.  The next one shown is the same except no hole in her nose (thank goodness) and the last and most recent issue has only a hole for the hinge pin.  This last design was used only for the Boy and Girl dispenser (shown).


Look for the Partial Cheek heads, too. The Fireman on the right is called the partial cheek Pal.  They will be made in Hong Kong.

Here's Boy.

We'll call him Pezi. 

Now we have Girl.

Kind of like Pezi in drag.

Here's a shot of some different hair colors.

Yellow, Blonde and a White haired Boy with Cap and Pink/Beige.  According to the LaSpina Guide, there is also a Yellow/Green haired Girl.  How's that for cool!?

Pretty washed out pic above,

so here's another to show the difference between pink/beige and the blonde.  Still not the best, I know, but better.

Now, Pezi becomes an Engineer, and I'm not talking mechanical!

Shown are a 3.9 Austria, 3.8 USA, and a red 3.9 Austria.

Here's the Maharaja. 

The fun thing with these guys is the color of the turban.  The one second from left is the darkest in my collection, but there are darker ones out there.  So keep those eyes peeled.  The one on the far left was owned by some kid many moons ago that obviously owned a Sharpie.  Kids today.  I mean, kids yesterday!

Also, look for the two different turban styles.


The mold on these two is very different, as you can see.  Can you see?

Maybe not.  Let's try the sideview.

That's better.  Look at the differences in the tassles and the molding line.

You have to look closely at this, but here's another small difference.


This is a close-up of the jewel on the turban.  Look at the border that surrounds the jewel.  On some of these borders there will be a bumpy surface.  The others will be smooth.  I think the bumpy ones are harder to come by.  The one shown here is on the Maharaja on the left from the picture above.  He is on a "J"ugoslavia stem.


The difference on them would be the shade of their badge.  The two shown 2nd and 3rd from the left have a very light badge, almost white.  The rest are the normal grey.  The guy second from left?  Yep, same kid.

And of course, he can come with the partial cheek mentioned above.

A close-up.

This one is called Mexican Boy.

Here's the deal.  The ones on the left and third from left have the normal, large, Mexican mustache.  The ones on the right and second from left looks to have mustaches from one of the other Pals.  Maybe some kid, many moons ago, switched it to this guy?  I don't think so.  I believe that there are some Mexicans that came with the smaller mustaches.  Wanna know why?  I'm gonna tell you.  First of all, this is the second one I've seen with this small mustache.  Want more proof?  The ones with the small mustache are on either "J"ugoslavia or Yugoslavia stems.  Those stems can have some unique characteristics.  But, the most compelling argument is that the mold of the small mustache is different than the other normal small mustaches.  Still don't believe me?  Fine.  Be that way.

Here's a close-up of the two small mustaches.


Now I'll let you decide.  No pressure, really.

Here's a couple more tidbits.

This guy has a cool orange face, and of course the completely legit small unique mustache.

Another cool thing to look for on the Yugoslavia and "J"ugoslavia Mexicans is their earrings.


See how translucent they can be?!  Oh, and did I mention the mustache?

Who's this?  Pirate?  Good guess.

Other than stem colors and stem markings, look for the different bandanas.  Far right?  He strikes again.

Here's a look at the back.

There's just a bit more detail to the ones on the left.  Also, the top, the pointy part that sticks up in back, is completely different.

And a quick look at the front reveals...


...that the one on the right, which is the same mold as the one on the left above, also has much more detail in the front.  If you followed that last ramble, you're good!

One last thing.

Here's something fun to look for- the Mono Inner Sleeve!

To Serve and Protect!

This guy, too, will come with the partial cheek.  But, the fun to find is the head post.

The one with the post, left, is the "HTF" dispenser.

Just be careful when removing the hat.  Better yet, look inside the head to see which Policeman you have.  If you see the blue hat post extending through the head, it's not a Policeman with head post.

Here's a look at some of the other Pez Pals.

First, from left, we have Sailor, Sheik, Boy with Cap, Sheriff, Nurse, and Doctor.

In 1997, Pez released a newly designed set of Pals.  Of course, they were all one piece molds, and have no interchangable parts.  Safety first!

These guys come with many different hair colors, too.

Now, in a perfect collection, one must have the Bride and Groom.  And that would be the original ones.


Unfortunately, the remakes are pictured here.  One of these days!


Would you like to go back,