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The Peanuts series is pretty small, but that's not going to stop me from finding a Variation or two...or three...

Let's start with the main man, the head honcho, Charlie, himself!

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Here's a look at the four main Charlie brown dispensers.   From left, is the newly revised Charlie, recently discontinued Charlie, Charlie with frown and Charlie with tongue.  Here's a closer look at some.

This is "Happy" Charlie, "Sad" Charlie and Charlie with tongue.

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These are mostly found on Slovenia or Austria stems.  The Austria versions can be 3.9 or 4.9.

Here's just your plain old happy Charlie.

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See, even the facial features can be different.  The one on the left is a more current China.  The right is the older 3.9 Austria.  One that is one my wishlist is called the closed eye Charlie.  His eyes will just be small slats.  Snoopy comes with the same closed eyes.  He's pictured further down the page.

The newer Charlie has a twist, too!

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The one you'll find in the stores will look almost like the one above.  The only difference will be the "C" on his hat.  This one above was a giveaway from a Chicago Cubs game.  There are many sports dispensers being produced for promos.  This was the first.

Here's Charlie's best pal...Lucy!

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Shown, from left, Lucy on a purple stem.  Yeah, I know what you're thinking, Lucy on purple?  It looks strange to me too.  But, it came that way from a seller and I liked the look.  Do be careful out there, though.  Stems are easily switched.  The only way to know for sure is if it's still on its card.   And then there's the retired Lucy and the 2000 model.

Here's a funny Lucy...

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She looks a bit queasy to me.  Speaking of funny Lucys, there's a couple of her I'd like to acquire someday.  They are called Psycho Lucys.   One has white eyes and the other has white stencil behind her black eye features.

And yet another...

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This gives a whole new meaning to the term Psycho Lucy!

Let's move onto Snoopy...

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Shown above are Snoopy "Joe Cool", the 2000 model Snoopy and a couple older ones.  The older ones can also be found on red, black and blue stems.  The big difference with the older ones are the eyes.

Snoopy Eyes...

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The one on the left is what collectors call the open eye Snoopy.   The one on the right is the more common closed eye.  The open eye is the older of the two and will usually be found on a 3.9 Austria or 3.9 Yugoslavia.  The closed eye can be found on a 3.9 or 4.9 stem.

Here's a fun one...

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This is Woodstock, if you didn't know.  Again, he has a recently revised version, shown right, and there's the older ones.  The difference is, I bet you already know, the feathers.  The one on the far left has highlighted feathers.   The middle, and more common, does not.


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Kinda nice looking, huh!?

Last, but not least.  Here's a look at the latest addition to the Peanuts family...

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No Variation of her...yet!


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