There are three different dispensers made for the Olympics.  Let's start with the first ever made.


Alpine Man

Look familiar?  That's right.  He's a Pez Pal.  Alpine Man is from the 1972 Munich Olympics.  He comes with four sets of feathers in his hat, and can come with either a brown or green hat.

Next came the 1976 Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria.

Here's the Olympic Snowman.  A Variation on such a limited release?  Is it possible?  Yep.  Check out the two noses.

That first one sure looks dangerous!

Finally came the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics, in the former Yugoslavia.

This is Vucko Wolf.  Vucko Wolf can come in a bunch of different Variations.  The  most noticeable being what's on top of his head.  It can be the bobsled hat, ski cap, or neither.  The hats can come in red and yellow.  The faces can come in  gray or brown, as do the noses.  Those are the most common differences, but there are also some real rare pieces with some pretty cool colors out there, too!