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I always thought that Disney had the most Pez, but after putting this page together, Warner Bros must be close.  So many Variations, especially with regards to stem colors and markings.  Plus there are some real nice Variations with the heads too.  Like the eyes and mouths!  Let's take a look at...

wball.jpg (39745 bytes)

Tweety Bird

twetall.jpg (38819 bytes)

The big difference with this bird is the eyes.  There are quite a few Variations.  The most obvious is the one with eye pieces.  The older ones can have actual pieces of white plastic for the eyes.  Like...

tweteye.jpg (16697 bytes)

the one in the middle.  Others can have painted or stenciled eyes.  They can also have different eye molds.  By that I mean that the recessed areas for the eyes can be different.  The one on the left is unique in that it does not have a recessed area at all.  It is perfectly smooth.  The one on the right has a recessed area.  For a great list of all the Variations with Tweety, including eyes, copyrights, thumb tabs, visit the Variations discussion that was done on him by clicking HERE.


slyall.jpg (42916 bytes)

The thing to look for with this sly guy is his whiskers and hair.  Some have white whiskers, some have ivory, some have black lines, some don't.  The one second from the left is the most recent issue.  I think they did a good job with him.  The one on the far left has a very dark navy blue head.

slywhisk.jpg (22964 bytes)

Shown here is an Ivory with Whiskers and a White without.

And his hair...

slyhair.jpg (20291 bytes)

Some have short and some have long.  Notice the eyes too.  The one on the left has what I call stenciled.  The lines are perfect.  The one on the right almost looks airbrushed.  They have a "fuzzy" look to them.  This airbrushed look will be found on the older ones as this is a high tech world we live in.  Wait, this is a high tech world in which we live.  That's better!

Meep Meep!

roadwile.jpg (35168 bytes)

Once again the eyes have it.  Along with stem colors, the eyes on Roadrunner can be painted or stenciled.  The Wile's shown are 2.6 Pink NF, 3.4 Pink NF and a 3.9 Red WF.  

roadeye.jpg (22481 bytes)

Here's a shot of the eyes.  I usually like the painted eyes better, but this Roadrunner with painted eyes looks a bit scary to me.

The Cutest Pig!

petall.jpg (33653 bytes)

I just love Petunia.  Not much difference in them besides a little different shade of face colors.  And some stems, of course.  Shown are A 3.9 NF, A 3.9 WF, no country marked 3.9 WF, Yugoslavia 3.9 NF, Yugoslavia 3.9 WF.  Another tidbit of information is that she has a hair like an Angel.  The hair pieces snap on (over) the head.  There is a small strip of plastic on the back of these pieces that opens when the hair is being placed over the head.  Once the hair is on, the hair takes its original shape.  This "break" in the back of the hair piece is normal and is the same design Pez used for the Angels.  I did a real poor job of explaining that so as they say, a picture...

pethair.jpg (16140 bytes)

See the opening in the back of the hair piece?  Note the base of this split.

Daffy Duck

dafall.jpg (42678 bytes)

We're talking eyes, beaks and stems now.  You've read about the plastic eye pieces.  Well, this guy has the same thing as Tweety.

dafeye.jpg (22692 bytes)

See the eye pieces on the Daffy stage right.  I think that would be on your left?  But there's more than this.  Check out this guys beak.

dafbeak.jpg (20655 bytes)

The one on the left is current, middle is the yellow one-piece and last is the yellow "split beak".  This split  beak detaches from the head.  Maybe they did this so you could pretend he was shot by Elmer Fudd and move his beak to the back of his head :)

One Cool Cat

catall.jpg (30362 bytes)

This is Cool Cat.  He came with feet and without.  The footed version came made in Yugoslavia and Austria.  He came with a 3.9 patent.  So what's with the differences in the ones shown.  Allow me to get psychotic for a moment.  Thank you!  Would you check out these Inner Sleeve colors!

catiss.jpg (19986 bytes)

I would imagine that most collectors wouldn't give a you know what about Inner Sleeves, but sometimes you can find some interesting ones.  And shoot, it's another variation.  I guess I'll save candy pusher color and shape for another time :)

What's up Doc?

bugs.jpg (33032 bytes)

Not much to report on Bugs Bunny.  Besides a few different shades of grey for the ears and a white or ivory face, he's just good old Bugs Bunny.  He does have some good stem markings, though.  A dispenser can't get by without some sort of Variation.  Here's some stems for your enjoyment:

HK=Hong Kong





Henry Hawk and Foghorn Leghorn

henfog.jpg (33847 bytes)

The Henry stems shown above include a brown footed, black non-footed, black footed, brown non-footed and a real pretty purple.  Head shades can vary a bit too!  Same with Foghorn.  The footed has almost a green hue to it, where the NF is a yellowish-brown.

Merlin the Mouse

merlin.jpg (48721 bytes)

Stems, stems, stems.  Oh, and some of these guys come with "whites of the eyes" (see second from right).  All of the above are different in some way, of course.

Speedy Gonzales

speedy.jpg (30886 bytes)

The one in center stage is the oldest.  He's got a great looking tan face and will be found without feet.  The two on the left and one second from right are a similar mold, but will come footed and with a brown or olive green face (second from right).  They are great looking too with their big sombrero.  The one far right is...uh...the new one.  They just don't make them like they used to make them.

Tasmanian Devil and Yosemite Sam

yosetaz.jpg (25048 bytes)

Both of these dudes are newer to the WB line.  The only Variation is between the Sams.  Note the long whiskers on the American version and the shorter whiskers on the foreign issue.  The reason for the shorter whiskers is to accommodate Body Parts (pieces used to dress up the stem of a dispenser).  The long whiskers got in the way.  Body Parts were not for sale in the US of A so he got to keep his beard.

Well, we've come to the end of our show, but there's always more!