It's that crazy Cat and Mouse duo...

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Some of the MGM characters were sold in the United States many moons ago, but now are currently sold only in Canada and Overseas.  There are not too many characters, but the variations on this group of dispensers is immense.  The differences can be confusing, but like any Variation, a lot of fun.  Many of the characters have similar changes to them, but not exact.  Let's start with...


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Shown above (starting second from left) is Tom Original.  He has a painted face and copyright MGM 1980.  Next is the Multi-piece Tom.  His face pieces are individual pieces of plastic.  Next is Bald Tom.  He is very similar to the Original Tom except the paint is slightly different and his copyright reads 1994 Turner Ent ARR.  And the latest of the clan, Tom with Hair is very similar to both the Original and the Bald guy except he has a copyright 1995 Turner Ent Co and he has hair.  Tom has been discussed on Pezheads and for a look at his listing, click here.  The one on the far left I just threw in because he's neat looking.  He has no black face paint and comes on a pink, 3.4 stem.  But I digress.  Here's a shot of the Bald vs. Hair guy...

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The one on the right is Tom with "Toup".

And Tom's "friend"...

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This is Jerry.  Watch how there are similarities between him and Tom.  We'll start with Jerry Original.  He's shown fourth from the left.  He has a painted face and has hair.  Next is Multi-piece with white snout.  Then comes Jerry with Hair and then Jerry with "Big Hair".  The three on the left are multi-piece faces on an assortment of stems and have *pink* snouts.

jerabcd.jpg (41324 bytes)

See how the Original (first) looks similar to the Jerry with hair (third)?  They are except for the paint, copyright and age.  All shown are in chronological order.  And check out the bad hair day on the most recent Jerry (fourth).  There is another Jerry that is on my wish list.  He has plastic inserts inside his ears.  Let's do some close-ups...


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It's hard to read, but shown at left is the Turner copyright and the MGM on the right.

Snout?  Nose?  Pink?  White?

jersnout.jpg (21579 bytes)

Here's a look at the two different snout colors on the Multi-piece Jerry, pink and white.

Muscle Mouse aka Tuffy!

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Tuffy is the same as Jerry except for one thing.  As you can see he's grey instead of brown.   First shown is Multi-piece, then Tuffy with hair and then Tuffy with "Big Hair".  Like Jerry, Tuffy too came with plastic ear inserts.  Are you catching on to the similarities?


tufhair.jpg (30250 bytes)

Hair vs. Big Hair (Catch a wave)


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The big difference with Tyke is his eyes.  Like many dispensers, the older ones will have painted eyes and the newer ones will be stenciled.  Both have Multi-piece faces.


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And again it's the eyes.  Shown at left is an assortment of stem colors on the stencil eyed Spikes.  Then we have a NF (no foot) painted eye, WF (with feet) painted eye and the hard to find Green Headed Spike.

Is this the funniest looking dispenser?

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This is Droopy Dog.  His big claim to fame is his ears.  The current ones (left) have painted ears.  The older dudes have movable ears (right).

droopear.jpg (27073 bytes)

Ahhhhhhhh!!!  I think he saw a ghost!  This guy must be spineless.


droopat.jpg (25710 bytes)

he is!  See how there's no raised spine the back of his stem like most other footed dispensers?  Also note the 2.6 stem with feet.  The 2.6 patent is usually found only on non-footed stems.  Very strange.

Last, but not least...

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It's Barney Bear.  He has an uncanny resemblance to Icee Bear.

Home again, home again!