The Kooky Zoo Series is a great one!

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Duck with Flower

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Shown is the White, Ivory, two different shades of Green and the "Partial Cheek" Ivory.  The Partial Cheek is usually found on the Hong Kong stem.  Here's a close-up of the Cheeks.

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The one on the right is the "Partial Cheek" or Hong Kong version.

Cow "A"

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Look at all the beautiful color Cows.  And more Partial Cheeks (left).  Green Cow "A" is on my wish list :)  

Cow "B"

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Another great dispenser and came in *many* different colors.  Isn't he funny looking?

Dog, or as he's known...Yappy Dog!

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Here's Yappy Dog.  He's usually found on the 3.4 Austria stem and has a cool IMC (Injection Molding Code).  Most dispensers have a single digit IMC located on the upper part of the stem, but a lot of the 3.4 (Patent 3,410,455) stems will have an IMC that begins with a 4 and is followed with a smaller (in size, not numerically speaking) single digit.  Here's an example of a "4 2" IMC found on the Yappy above:

zoo4-2.jpg (6826 bytes)


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There are some great variations with this guy.  One that's not pictured (he's on my wish list too) is the Raven with Long Beak.  The above are the Short Beak variety.  The one WF (With Feet) has the dark blue head.  You might be wondering, Rob, there are two that look the same.  No siree Rob.  The two Yellow Beak, NF (No Feet) look similar, but have a looksee below.

ravenspr.jpg (19161 bytes)

The one on the left is what I call the Hong Kong Metal Spring.  The right is the more common Austria Metal Spring.  These HK Springs are common on the Partial Cheek dispensers seen above, but not very common as far as Metal Springs are concerned.  And here's the different stem markings of those two Ravens.

ravenpat.jpg (10404 bytes)

Cat with Derby aka "PUZZY"

puzzy.jpg (52449 bytes)

And yet another Partial Cheek. The Red Head (left) has the HK Metal Spring.  The Black Head has the Austria Metal Spring.  The Red Head (right) has a Plastic Spring.  Variations seem to be endless :)

puzzy2.jpg (33318 bytes)

Here's another shot of  Puzzy.  The yellow head guy is quite uncommon.  His buddy is 2.6 Austria which is different than his Hong Kong counterpart in the picture above.


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Another dispenser known for it's many different colors.  It's common for the stems on these guys to have no patent number marked on them.

Here's my first!  Croc!

crocand.jpg (43591 bytes)

Here's my very first dispenser, Croc.  A gift from my girlfriend (and now wife), 23 years ago.  She stuck this dispenser on my birthday cake.  It's still rusty inside from the frosting.  Boy, is she ever bummed she got me started :)  Also there's a Panther and what looks to be Thumper, but is really called Rabbit.  Thumper is the exact same dispenser, but would have the Walt Disney Production copyright on the head.

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And here's Panda.  The ones on the left are the older "Removable Face Pieces" version.  They also have a little tuft of hair on their heads.  The one on the right is the current version and is molded out of one piece of plastic.  There is a new version that just came out and is supposed to have rounder ears.  I haven't see that one...yet.

And the new Kooky Zoo!

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Including Lion, Elephant, Croc, Hippo and Koala, and for something real pretty...

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The Colored Crystals, available only in Slovenia!

More Pez!