The Human Zoo!

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This is a fun series and has dispensers from different eras.  Some from the sixties and my favorites, the ones from 1976.  These are called the Bicentennials.  Like the Pez Pals, my collection is missing some of these, but the following will give you a look at some.

One small step for man...

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These are the Astronauts.  The two on the left are known as Astronaut "B" and the one on the right is Spaceman.  He makes me nervous and feel very clastorphobic.

Some Bicentennial...

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Here's some cool looking dudes, Daniel Boone, Captain (aka Paul Revere) and Pilgrim.

Cowboys and Indians

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See, they can get along.  The Indian is known as Indian Brave.  And his gal is right...

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here.  This is Indian Maiden.  The one on the right is missing her headband and doesn't have a clue where she left it.  I had to show it anyway as the stem as it's such a beautiful color.  It's a semi-translucent lime green.  Is there more to this family?  Sure, there's...

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Dear Old Dad...  Indian Chief has a zillion different headdress colors.  They can be fun to collect.  Here's a looksee at some...

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See the swirls?

The Tax Man

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Here's a classic dispenser even though I hate April.  The biggest difference in him is the face color.  Like some other Humans, he came with a Club Med or Flesh face.

Pilot and Stew

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Here's a couple neat ones.  This is Pilot and Stewardess.  The Stewardesses are on 2.6 and 3.4 stems.  The one on the right has a darker face color than the one on the right.  This is due to the fact that she flew mostly tropical flights whereas the other gal flew in the colder regions.

Last, but not least...

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Can you guess what they call this guy?  That's right.  Football Player.  He's an older dispenser and came in a few different colors.  Another Variation to this guy is the stripe on his helmet.  The one shown has a piece of tape for his stripe, but there is another version that has an actual plastic piece for the stripe.  Also...

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Here's a look at his stem.  See the banner?  I think they came with a sticker that could be placed on the stem, but don't quote me on that :)

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