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Greetings! My name is Rob aka "PEZmorized".  I collect those wonderful candy dispensers known as PEZ.  In the last 50+ years, hundreds of different characters have been produced by Pez Candy.  From Annie to Zorro.  That's the fun in collecting Pez Candy Dispensers, trying to collect them all, and their many different variations.

What is a variation, you ask?  It can be any one of many things.  It can be a different Stem Color, a Dispenser with Feet or without, a different Patent Number.  The list goes on and on and on...

Should you ever have a question about a particular PEZ Candy Dispenser, please feel free to drop me an e-mail.  I enjoy researching PEZ any chance I get, and would be more than happy to help.  Really!  I'm just a click away.

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"Spook",  just one of the six Eerie Spectres, ca. 1979

Here are some pictures of my collection.  Visit them and learn some PEZ trivia too.

If it's October 25th, be sure to wish Karen a very Happy Birthday!

This page has been around for quite some time.   Recently I've been working on a new page, with my own domain.  You can get there by clicking WWW.PEZCANDYDISPENSER.COM

I am always looking to buy PEZ Candy Dispensers!

Thanks for visiting!

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