These guys are really scary!

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Octopus, or some might say, Blob!

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These guys are fun.  They have some great colors to them.  Two to note are the "Butterscotch" guys (far right back and front center).  They are both on 3.8 USA stems (the experimental era for PEZ USA) and are two completely different shades.  You might first guess that fading was involved, but if you look inside the head and it has the same color as the outside, it's not faded.  Slight color variations are fun to look for.


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There are two different types of Witches.  The first is called "Three-piece".  She has hair that lifts from the side of her head.  The current version's hair is somewhat molded to the side of the head and does not move.  If you're wondering why I've pictured so many with only two varieties, well, this is where some minute differences come into play.  More on that below.

wiandsk.jpg (21421 bytes)

It's hard to tell from the picture, but Skull is on a black stem.  The Witch is a 3.8 USA from that "Experimental USA" period.  But, more on the minor differences later.  Onward...

One -Eyed Monster

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These classic dispensers are very similar to the Gorilla that is in the Circus Series.  One color that is on my wish list is grey.  It's great looking.  This dispenser is another with small , but fun differences.  Different patents, IMC's, countries of origin...  All the brown are different in my psychotic mind.  And the Oranges?  Another fun one for it's slight color differences.  

oneeye2.jpg (16353 bytes)

2.6 Austria   and   3.4 Austria

Oh look.  It's the Jack-O-Lanterns!

pumpkin.jpg (39848 bytes)

Shown above (from left front) is Pumpkin "A" (with its "Puzzle" type face) on a thin footed green, non footed (pre 1987) blue and non footed green stems.  Next we have the current Pumpkin "B".  In the back row we have the latest "Big Headed" Pumpkin (left) and his friend that glows in the dark (right).  Something to look for with these guys is that the Puzzle Piece on the "A's" can be a different color than the head itself.  These are called "Two-Tone" and are quite hard to come by.  The ones in the picture are somewhat two-tone, but not as much as some I've seen.  And...

cryspump.jpg (23209 bytes)

the Colored Crystal Pumpkin.


fishman.jpg (28314 bytes)

Great dispenser and very commonly confused with Creature from the Black Lagoon.  The mold on Creature is the same except that Fishman does not have the UPI Copyright.  The two green headed guys are on different stems, Austria and USA.  

Mr. Ugly.  So ugly, he's cute :)

mrugly.jpg (51968 bytes)

Another fun one for minor color differences.  Have you dressed up your dispenser lately?

Dr. Skull or just plain Skull, if you prefer...

skull.jpg (38373 bytes)

Like the Witch above, there are two main Skulls.  Skull "A" has a larger head then Skull "B".  If you look in the back row you can see the size difference between "A" and "B".  The other in the back is called a "Misfit" and was recently made by Pez Austria.  Skull is a good one for those different stem markings.  Here's a list of some examples:

Skull "A"

Austria, 2.6, Metal Spring, NF, Purple Stem

Austria, 3.4, Metal Spring, NF, Purple Stem

Austria, 3.4, Plastic Spring, NF, Purple Stem

Austria, 3.9, Plastic Spring, NF, Purple Stem

Austria, 3.9, Plastic Spring, WF, Purple Stem

USA, 3.8, Plastic Spring, NF, Orange Stem

Yugoslavia, 3.9, Plastic Spring, WF, Purple Stem

Yugoslavia, 3.9, Plastic Spring, WF, Red Stem

Austria, 3.9, Plastic spring, NF, Black Stem

Skull "B"

Yugoslavia, 4.9, Plastic Spring, WF, Purple Stem

Slovenia, 4.9, Plastic Spring, WF, Purple Stem

Yugoslavia, 3.9, Plastic Spring, WF, Purple Stem

No Marking, 4.9, Plastic Spring, WF, Neon Pink Stem

I'm sure there's more so I'll keep looking.  One more thing to add.  There's another Variation that is called "Colgate" Skull.  He is not missing a front tooth like the rest.  A little too much pressure in the mold, I think.

A couple other scary people...

casper.jpg (35053 bytes)

Casper the very friendly Ghost.  It's hard to see in the picture, but the one on the left has green eyes and the other has blue.  I think he gets it from his Mom's side of the family.  There is also a Casper with a Die-Cut stem (cut-out pictures of Casper on the stem).  Another that's on my wish list.

The UA Monsters, ahhhhhh...

ua.jpg (48420 bytes)

We have Wolfman, Frank and Creature from the Black Lagoon.  It's very common for these guys to have residual glue on their faces.  The face pieces were all glued on by hand.  Here's a close-up.

uaglue.jpg (16939 bytes)

See the brown goop?  That's normal.


Please take me back, I'm afraid...