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Here's a look at how the Easter Bunny has transformed over the years.  From right is Bunny "A", Fat Ear Bunny (FEB, as he's called by the FEBheads), Bunny 1990 (recently discontinued) and the newest form of Bunny for 1999.  Fat Ear Bunny has become a favorite among collectors.  More on him later :)

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Bunny "A" will always have a Metal Pin.  See that tiny little dot?  There is a pin inside and it serves a a hinge for the head.  This is not to be confused with the Metal Spring.  The Metal Spring is an "L" shape spring inside, as opposed to the plastic "C" shaped or current Leaf Spring, that springs the head back into position.

Chick in Egg


"Bucket O' Chicken"

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You want to talk about Variations :)  This one is huge.  Talk about your stem and egg colors.  Let's try and break these guys down a bit.


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This is Chick in a Hard Thin Shell.  He will have Die-cut Eyes (actual holes in the head a drop of paint), a Metal Pin and Spring and has two major variations, with a hat and without.  The "Without" version will have "hair", ok fine, feathers, as shown :)  The colors on these older shells are vibrant!


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This is Chick in Soft Plastic Shell.  The plastic is very pliable.  He will have a plastic spring and pin and just a drop of paint for the eyes (no hole).  The purple and blue shell were the first to be issued and will be NF.  Later they came out with red and green and can be NF  (No Feet) or WF (With Feet).


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This is the recently discontinued guy.  He has a Thick Hard Shell with a "saw tooth" look to the top of his shell.


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And the latest Chickadee with the smoother shell...

Is this a Lamb or a Sheep?

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I think it's a Lamb :)  The big difference between these guys is the head color.  They can be found with an Ivory head or a white head.  Interesting to note that the White head is the current style and yet the White Head can also be found on the older 2.6 (Patent 2,620,061) stems.  The Ivory Heads fall somewhere in the middle, literally.


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Not to be confused with the Rooster MMM (Merry Musical Maker).  The rare one to find here is the Green Headed one.  White seems to be the most common, with Yellow not far behind.  But, be sure to look at the Comb Color.  Orange Comb is very unique.  He's a great variation (pictured below).

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His stem will somewhat match his comb.

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See the differences between the Rooster MMM (left) and the Rooster (right)?  The Rooster MMM (whistle) has eyes that are part of the plastic face piece.  The Rooster has painted eyes and has detailed feathers on his face.

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