Disney characters have always been a popular Pez.  Probably one of the most popular.  So popular, I'm going to take a couple pages to show them all.  This first page will be the majority of them and the second page will be dedicated to the ones with a bajillion (that's bajillion with a "b") different variations.  Some dispensers just go on and on...like me.

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 Let's start with, hummm...

Jiminy Cricket

jiminy.jpg (34732 bytes)

What a great dispenser!  He is known for losing his collars, as they tend to come off pretty easy.  Shown is a 2.6 with metal spring and two 3.9's, one with a semi-translucent stem.


  bambi.jpg (25519 bytes)

I know, it brings a tear to your eye just thinking about the movie.  The norm for this rabid looking Chihuahua is a dark brown stem, but other colors, like the yellow, do exist.  Remember...Bambi has the black nose and the same dispenser with a red nose is...Rudolph.


balooall.jpg (47836 bytes)

Here's part of the Jungle Book threesome.  Many different shades of blue with this guy, and different snout colors too.  The big mold variation, however, is the hinge pin holes.  Let's take a look, shall we...

balohing.jpg (18266 bytes)

Hinge Hole vs. No Hinge hole

nopez.jpg (34247 bytes)

And here's an interesting stem.  What's wrong with this picture?

And the second part of the threesome...

mowgli.jpg (38535 bytes)

The big difference with these guys is how much time they spent in the sun.  Some can be "Club Med" and others tend to be a little pink.  Stem colors are also fun with them!

And the final part of the Jungle Book clan...

kingall.jpg (45251 bytes)

Once again, the tanning salon plays an important part of them, but also notice the hair salon they've been to.  Many different shades of hair.  They also have the same hinge hole thing going on as Baloo.

kinghing.jpg (18375 bytes)

I think they're in love.  <blush>

Maybe Thumper?

thumper.jpg (33601 bytes)

This is Bambi's friend Thumper.  Actually, he is really called Rabbit.  The only true Thumper is one with the Walt Disney copyright.  It's very hard to find.  I still call him Thumper, though :)

Dopey and the lovely Snow White!

withdopey.jpg (38035 bytes)

By far the prettiest dispenser.  No, no, no...not Dopey, Snow White.  Snow White came in two other color combos, dark turquoise collar and yellow collar.  Definite wish list dispensers.  The stems on some of these older dispensers are really pretty too.  The one below is on the Snow White above and is semi-translucent.

snowstem.jpg (16029 bytes)

 Can you see the inner sleeve through the burgundy stem?

snowdbp.jpg (4264 bytes)

This is the DBP 818829 patent on the above Dopey.  DBP stands for "Deutsches Bundes Patent."  A very unique patent.

Chip or Dale?  You be the judge.

chip.jpg (40701 bytes)

Shown are the following: Orange Face (NF), Brown Face (NF), Pink Face (Black Stem, WF), Pink Face (Black Stem, NF), Pink Face (Brown Stem, NF), Pink Face (Red Stem, WF), Pink Face (Black Stem without raised spine, WF) and  Pink Face (Brown Stem WF).  Phew...

Winnie the Pooh

winnie.jpg (28619 bytes)

Silly Old Bear...  The only real difference with Winnie is the head color.  The two on the left have orange heads and the one on the left is yellow.  The thin footed turquoise stem is pretty cool too.  All are 3.9's.

Pinocchio, Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle

tnkpetpin.jpg (37238 bytes)

The Pinocchio shown above is Pinocchio "B".  He came with either a metal pin hinge or a plastic.  The one above is plastic.  There is another version of Pinocchio called "A".  He has more of a painted face unlike the "B" who has a plastic die-cut face piece.  Is it me, or does it look like Tinkerbelle is giving Pinocchio the eye and Peter is getting a little ticked off?

Captain Hook

hookall.jpg (30521 bytes)

The two above are on different stems.  One is a 3.4 Austria stem and the other is a 3.8 USA.  This has to be the best detailed dispenser that was ever made.  

face.jpg (21728 bytes)

Just look at those chompers!


dalall.jpg (26104 bytes)

There's not 101 different variations with this guy, but there are some.  The big one is the head mold.  There are two different copyright markings (which means two different molds).  There are also some really nice looking one in bright white.  More wish list material.  Here's the copyright.

calcopy.jpg (17303 bytes)

They are both Walt Disney Production, but just different sizes and locations.


dumball.jpg (42280 bytes)

The same goes for these guys.  Not too many different differences, but there must be some, right?  The biggest would be color.  From left is the grey headed Dumbo.  The next three are what I call "Two-Tone" faces.  The head color is slightly different than the trunk.  The trunk is also a matte finish and the head is glossy.  The one on the far right is the most recent and has more uniform coloring.  Here's a close-up of Dumbo.

twotone.jpg (10418 bytes)

This is the yellow stem NF shown above.  His trunk even has a slight marbelized look to it.  This is another fun characteristic to look for in many dispensers.  Yappy Dog comes to mind.

Lil Bad Wolf

lilall.jpg (37867 bytes)

The big thing to look for here is the back of his head.  The newer versions have a "clean" paint job and do not have any paint on the back off their heads.  The older ones do have paint and it's a real glossy paint at that.  The four on the left have the backs of their head painted black and are as follows: 2.6, 3.4, 3.9 and a 3.9 with plastic spring.

black.jpg (18322 bytes)

Note the metal spring on the glossy guy.  That's usually the case with them, but not always.

Scrooge McDuck

scroall.jpg (42913 bytes)

This miser has a few variations to note.  The most important would be his sideburns.  The four on the left have movable sideburns.  The one on the right is the current version and his sideburns are molded to his head.  Interesting to note would be that if you take off the hat, sideburns and glasses and attach a Donald Duck hat, you would have Donald.  And that's exactly what Pez did way back when.  You'll notice on some Donalds that he has two hinge holes on each side of his face.  This was to accommodate the sideburns.  He also has a hole in his beak (ouch) for his glasses.

scrohair.jpg (15484 bytes)

Movable sideburn...Molded sideburn

New dispensers on the block!

newer.jpg (32887 bytes)

Here are some that have been released in the last few years.  From left is Bouncer Beagle, Daisy Duck (scary, huh?), Webby and Gyro Gearloose.  Sure there are some cool stem Variations with these guys, but let's not get too carried away :)       Pssssst...Gyro on a pink, blue or green stem?  Sorry, had to do it.

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