And in Center Stage...

circusall.jpg (34145 bytes)

Clown With Chin

clownchn.jpg (24982 bytes)

With all the different colored hats and face pieces, this one is a Variations dream.  These are usually found on the 3.4 stems with the "Two-Digit" IMC (Injection Molding Code).

Clown With Collar

clownclr.jpg (25915 bytes)

This is the earlier version of Clown.  He'll usually be found on 2.6 Austria stems and will have the metal pin and spring.  There is a version with a yellow hat and is considered "Rare".

Big Top Elephant

elephant.jpg (35037 bytes)

The variations on this guy are endless.  Many, many different colors.  He also comes with two different type of hats, Flat (shown) and Pointy.  And if that wasn't enough, he also comes with hair.


giraffe.jpg (35464 bytes)

Not many variations with this classic dispenser.  One must resort to stem variations :)  Shown above is a 2.6 and a 3.4 stem.  Both, Made in Austria.

Lil Lion

lillion.jpg (19423 bytes)

Not very many variations either besides plastic pin and metal pin, but has a very unique stem.  Most will be found with the "Non-3D" PEZ written on one side.  The Clown with Collar (above) will be found on this same stem as will Pinocchio, Frankenstein, Creature and Wolfman, to name a few.  Here's a close-up.

lilnon3d.jpg (6296 bytes)

Monkey with Ball Cap aka Mimic!

mimic.jpg (50815 bytes)

Another with variations galore.  He usually comes non-footed, but there are some that have feet.  Sometimes the footed version has the "Spineless" stem.  That's where the stem has feet, but no raised spine on the back of the stem like most footed dispensers.  Just remember, NF (non-footed) dispensers will have the same size spine on the back and front of the stem.  WF (with feet) dispensers will have a raised spine on the back and a small spine on the front.  If you find a footed dispenser with no raised spine in the back, snag it as it's a keeper!

Monkey Sailor

monkeys.jpg (22315 bytes)

This dispenser is part of the Circus Gang, but he also has a variation that has a "J" on the hat.  This was a promotion for Donkey Kong cereal and is hard to come by, until now.  Thanks to my newly adopted son Ty, I'm pleased to announce...

monkeysl.jpg (24245 bytes)

The paperwork looks real, doesn't it?  Well, it's not.  My adopted son Ty is very creative.


pony.jpg (36938 bytes)

A favorite among collectors and known for it's color variations.  See the list of these guys under my Variations section to see just how many there are.  It's pretty amazing!

ponynose.jpg (11921 bytes)

And how about those honkers?  The one on the left, the wide one, is on a 3.4, no country marked, IMC 5 (Yugoslavia) stem.  The other, and more normal, is on...the same.  Will wonders never cease?

Roar the Lion or...

Lion with crown...

roar.jpg (30333 bytes)

This is another one of my favorites.  It's might be hard to tell by the picture, but the ones shown are three different shades of green.  From left, light green, green and fluorescent green.  A great looking one is the blue face guy.  Nice dispenser and has a definite place on my Wish List!

Well, that was a fun time at the Circus, but it's time to go home.