Here you will find so much useless information you won't know what to do with it all.  Just click on a link and you'll see what I mean.  We've got some cool Nubs that you can search for on your own dispensers, information and pictures of those nasty reproduction parts, breakdowns of some popular dispensers, a explanation of the different Human head molds, and if you want to see the ultimate microscopic view of a dispenser, try the Tree link, all in PDF and ready to print!

Did I say useless information?  Just a bit of humor.  This is Pez we're talking about.   Nothing, and I mean nothing, is useless.

nubsuch.jpg (5910 bytes)  repro.jpg (6167 bytes)

variation.jpg (5957 bytes)  headmold.jpg (6106 bytes)

nubbtn2.jpg (6826 bytes)  


Pretty cool stuff, huh?!


                                                             Time to go oebackbt.jpg (5763 bytes)  ?