Nubs and Such, the Sequel!

69)  Let's get page two off and running with, "Kyle's Truck Tang."  Check out the two red "attachees" on the fenders!  Wait, before you see the pics, here's the kicker (hey, Pez humor).  Let me preface this with, on the back of the inner sleeve, right below the kicker, one can find either one or two dots.  Ok, now I'll let Kyle speak:

On the bottom of the fender on a truck D you can find either 2
dots, 1 above and 1 below the wheels, or No dots at all. The trucks with
circle tangs have dots and the square tangs have no dots. Also out of my
trucks and my moms the ones with dots on the fender can come with 1 or 2
dots on the sleeve. The ones without dots on the fender have only 2 dots
on the sleeve, but do not come with just one dot on the sleeve.

We've got Square Tang  truksqr.jpg (14044 bytes) and we have Circle Tang  trukrnd.jpg (11174 bytes)


70)  Next we have "Michael's Dot Com."  This was found on a One-Eyed Monster, but could probably be found on others.  See how the first punctuation mark in the patent number is a comma, and the next is a dot?  Why do they do that?

comdot.jpg (17276 bytes)


71)  How about "Bob's Seasick Taz."  Check out the coloring on the face pieces.  He looks a bit "green" to me.  Must have been some real rough seas!

Tazyellowvariationb.jpg (16731 bytes)

72)  OK, we all know how much Art likes his Jiminy dispensers.  Well check out...hummm...what should we call them?  How about "Arthur Jim Snugums?"  Yeah, I like that. Like the previously mentioned Snug Nubs, but in Art's words... One of my 2.6 Yugo’s has a much longer side snug nub than the others (which have “Gary B's Side Snug”). The inner sleeve is also whiter than the others (which are almost yellow). All of my 2.6 Austria’s have “Dana’s Double Snug Nub”.

73)  From Chris...Mr. Bunny has a head variation too! Whether he's on a pink stem or a blue stem, his eyes are larger and his eyebrows are higher than the one produced a few years ago!  That's just fine, but we need a name.  Hummm..."Chris' Big Ol' Blue Eyes?"  Why not.   I seem to have lost the picture to this one.  You'll have to use your imagination until I get another pic.


74)  A while back we had a discussion about Snoopy eyes.  It was such a while back, I don't know who deserves credit.  Everybody, I guess.  But, just to cover myself, I'm going to call this "Michris Snoopeyes."  And of course, the "Chris' Magic Thunderbird Eyes." (second from left)  How's this for a cool Variation in eyes.  And I thought there was just two.

75)  Here's a fun card Variation, and on an older card, no less.  The name for this is a no-brainer.  It's called "Jane's Card Trick."  Check out the two different Mickey Head sizes.

76)  Time to put your glasses on.  Here's a great Nub, and my hat's off to the finder!  Check out the USA stems on Joker, and possibly others.  Seems there is a double stamp going on in Vermont!  Put your hands together for "Blowing the Whistle on Joker USA Stem."  Nicely done, Chris!  Did Kyle's good eyes help you find this?  See the Z?

76)  He's back!  Yes, welcome back Mr. Kraft.  Focus in on the periods in the patent.  They got dimples, just like Dana.  So, it's a no brainer.  It's "Dana's Dimples."

77) This one is from a newcomer.  His name is Dana.  This country of origin sticker was found on a Bugs, but I've head they can be found on others, most likely a Warner Bros., though.  Let's hear it for, "Dana's Stuck on Nubs."

78)  Not to be out done by Dana, we have the "The Super Slide!"  Look at the red marks in the photo.  This is where you'll find this Nub.  Now look on the other photos.  See that small Nub where the red mark was?  This "guide" runs up the length of the sleeve, one on each side.  This is another one of those, "Why did they do that" kind of thing.  Oh, and thanks to Dana for supplying this fine Nub.


79)  Time to change things up.  Here's a cool Nub supplied my our very own Chris.  You gotta wonder if maybe sometimes the owners of these copyrighted dispensers aren't just a bit picky.  Seems there is two ways to find the copyright on Star Wars.  It was supposed to read 1997 Lucafilm Ltd, but came out 1997 Lucasfilm LTD.  It was changed so you can now hunt for both.  Thanks, Chris, for supplying "Copywrong."

80)  Now this one is incredible!  Yeah, yeah, it's from Dana.  But check this out.  This marking was found on the inner sleeve.  I'm not going to even name it, because my poor sense of humor would not do such a marking justice.  The $100 question is, what does PYMSA stand for?  The world may never know.

81)  The Snowman has been disceted so many times but Variations still appear.  Now we have "Larry's Missing Posts."  See how one has four and one has six?  The other does have six but they're hiding behind those new corner supports!



Will the Variations ever stop? Not if Dana can help it :)  

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                                                                             *Updated 1/27/08, or, the last time Dana supplied a new one*