Nubs and Such!

So many Nubs, so little time.


1)  We start with the "Todd Lower Inner Sleeve Nub." This is the Nub/Tongue that is located on the bottom of the inner sleeve and runs in the front up and down groove of the stem.

Here's a list that he put together a while back:

** 3.9, Thin Footed, Made in Austria: (9) 3-Piece Witch, (4) Pumpkin A (Puzzle Face), (2) Dr. Skull A, (2) Rooster MMM, (1) White Head Rooster, (3) Pif, (2) Wile E. Coyote, (6) Wonder Woman, (5) Chick w/ Hat in Egg, (3) Cool Cat, (3) Angel A w/ Halo, (3) Droopy Dog A (Movable Ears), (1) Dumbo, (1) Raven, (1) Nermal, (1) Lamb

** 3.9, Thin Footed, Made in Hungary: (1) Kermit the Frog, (2) Donald Duck, (1) Mickey E (pre-97)


** 4.9, Thick Footed, Made in ???: (1) Chick w/ Hat in Soft Shell Egg


2)  Next is the "Tanya Quad Nub."  These four protrusions can be found on the inside of the inner sleeve on some dispensers. I've used the list sent by Rita "DamePEZ" Hawkins as it is quite complete...WOW :)

Hulk, Wolverine, FAO Bears, Icee (US Decal Eyes/white stem, Decal Eyes/blue stem, Japanese Crystal), Crazy Animals, Kermit, Lomar Smiley (Zeilpunkt), Miss Piggy, Cool Tunes, JITB, Star Wars, NEW Smurfs, Nintendo, Asterix, Cell Phone, Japanese Crystal Snowman, Colored Crystal Kooky Zoo, Crystal Ghosts, Non-Glowing Ghosts, Panda w/tab, Japanese Crystal Pumpkin, Neon Bubblemen, NEW Regulars (US & Japanese) ALSO Silver Glow, Pink and Black Trucks, Bugs Bunny "A", Goofy "E", Mickey Mouse (recently discontinued), Mickey Mouse (Remake 1999)


3)  "Eric's Pyramid Nub" This is the very small pyramid shape protrusion that can be found on the back/side of the heads of some dispensers. This is a small list and I know there are more so keep your eyes peeled.

Cockatoo, Mickey, Spike, Duck Nephew, Daffy (Removable eyes), Donald Duck, Bambi


4)  "John Thompson's Clairol Annie" Check to see if you can find two different shades of hair on Annie.


5)  "Ted and Wendy's Purple Piggy" I'll let their description do the talking as it was very well put. "We found a variation awhile ago on the Miss Piggy "A". She has a lighter purple stem, lighter eye shadow, thicker eye liner & darker blue irises. Also the purple of her nostrils is the same color as her stem. The hair might be a shade darker."


6)  "Tanya Wilson's C-Cup" Check out the kickers on your Kooky Zoo for this Variation of the metal spring.


7)  "Nathan's Name that Number" Can you find any small numbers located of individual Pez pieces? Check under the Witches head.


8)  "Maheba's Bad Ear Bunny"  See if you can find a small groove on the ears of your FEB's. Some do have it. Look hard.


9)  "Pam's Pez Pal Ear Pinch"  Check out the ears on those Pez Pals for varying ear canals. And remember, only on the outside.


10)  "Brenda's Bad Mouth Bunny"  Check out the location of your recently (1999) discontinued Bunny mouths. Can you see the difference between the 3.9 and the 4.9?


11)  "Eric's Smurf Snot Goober"  I guess we'll add this one :O Can you find the Smurf snot? Bet you won't hear that everyday.


12)  "Shoemaker's Super Strength C" Presented by our very own, Doug Shoemaker. Check out your Santa "C" dispenser for certain kickers that "On some of the Santa C's, the candy kicker when viewed from behind doesn't end when it meets the rest of the head, but continues further up the back of the head as well as being in relief." A great Variation indeed!


13)  "Who Knows Who T-Bar" Look on the top, back, upper part of your current dispenser's stem for this "cross beam" support.  The older dispensers will not have it.


14)  "Gerad, Heather, Fozzie and Greensleeves"  Check out those Fozzie dispensers for the coolest inner sleeve color...Spearmint.


15)  "Ty's Flat Pusher...I mean Kicker" Break out your Creature (or Fishman) and look for this very, very flat pusher, I mean Kicker...well, the part that pushes the candy out.


16)  "Tiffany's Mr. Pez Emblem"  That's right, on some carded Pez you will find an emblem with the man himself, Peter Pez.  But, not all cards.


17)  "Dayv's Clean Shaven Santa"   Be sure to check those Santa dispensers for the ones with more detail in the beards.  Be sure to look at the differences between the Slovenia and Yugoslavia "Blind" ones.


18)  "David's Big Goofy Ears" An interesting one to check out.  Seems some Goofy's will have shorter ears than others.  Look for the short ones on the Yugoslavia stems.


19)  "Ann and Dan's Double Down" That's right folks.  Break out those 3.9 China stems and look to see if you can find the word PEZ written *down the stem* on both sides.  You'll find that most have PEZ written up the stem on one side and down the stem on the other.  This picture is of the same stem.


20)  "I don't remember Chick in Egg Posts"  Grab your Soft Shell Chick in Eggs immediately.  Note how the yellow posts that hold the egg extend out further on the 4.9 stems than they do on the 3.9's.


21)  "Kathy J. Curly-Q Y".  What's that you say?  On a few Hungary dispensers, you will find the fanciest little "Y" in the word Hungary.  My sources tell me to check Spike, Goofy, Bugs Bunny, Chick in Egg, Daffy, Webby, Tom the Cat, Jerry the Mouse, Speedy Gonzales, Pluto, Donald, Peter Pez, Taz, Kermit and Mickey E.


22)  "Tiffany's Pink Bottom Button"  Yes, Tiffany strikes again.  Check out the bottom of the inner sleeves on a Hong Kong Spiderman, Hulk perhaps and you'll see what looks like a button.  Or, more like a pink piece of candy.


23)  "Kathy's Tuffy Tongue"  Take note of your Tuffy "B" as some have paint and some don't.  If you thought yours might be missing the paint due to wear, you just might have the paintless Variation!


24)  "Mike Stike's Black Eye"  A great Variation of Froggie.  Check your Frog MMM's.  Do you have the painted eyes that are very sloppy, or do you have the stencil eye?  Chances are if you have a 3.9 you have painted.  If you have a 4.9, could just be the stencil guy.


25)  "Barbara's beveled bi-nubbined button"  Once again, I'll let the Barbara explain.  "the piece inside the stem that the candy sits on. It's different, the front of the oval is beveled and there are two nubbins on the back, not just one."


26)  "Dave's Pad"  This one is just the greatest thing since canned milk.  Very ingenious!  I'll let Dave explain, "I have figured out a way to tell what is the Patent Number on a MOC dispenser.  Just look at the Bottom of the feet and if there is a rectangle pad in the plastic then it is a 3.9 with thick feet. Check out one of your 3.9s with thick feet and u will see the Line that I am talking about. To my knowledge all 3.9 with thick feet have this *PAD* rectangle on the bottom behind the toes".


27)  "Jim's Spiked Taz".  And with different copyright too!


28)  "Val's No Bonbon"  An interesting find on the Halo cards.  Val noticed that some Halo cards have the words "Bonbon" and "Candy" below the white splash, and some do not.  Also notice that the candy weight is missing on these cards with no Bonbon.


29)  "Re'D'verse R"  An American Classic Variations.  Trying to describe it will be difficult, so I'll let the picture do the talking.  What's wrong with this picture?


30)  "Tiff's Square Spring"  And she strikes yet again.  Check out this completely enclosed older metal spring.  This picture is a Yappy, but who knows where else it might show up.  Well, I do know, thanks to Tiff.  Here's a list of a few:

3.4 Yappy IMC 4/6 Black stem orange head [the only one with the cool clear slide]

2.6 Jiminy IMC 2 Green stem

2.6 Pluto Red stem

3.4 Mickey C IMC 2 Goldenrod stem

3.4 Pluto IMC 2 Red stem

3.4 Mr. Ugly IMC 2 Orange stem aqua face

All are made in Austria.


31)  "Karla's, I mean Dayv's, I mean Karla's Win'eye' Pooh"  This was the start of what turned out to be a gajillion Winnie the Pooh series Variations.  And I've head rumor of a third type of eyebrow too!


32)  "Eric's Found a Hole in His Head, But Not in His Beak"  Eric is on a roll with his latest.  Seems some of the Donald dispensers that doubled as Scrooge, extra set of holes in the head and a hole in the beak, also comes with a version of Donald without the hole in the beak.  This must have been an earlier version when Scrooge was younger and didn't wear glasses.


33)  "Rob's Grey Cheeks"  I finally found one.  This is just another of the numerous Variations of this series.  Why the grey neck?  Will Piglet's go away too?


34)  "Jim's Squared-Off Minnie"  Check out the differences in these, what appear to be similar, Minnie Mousses.  Why do they do these things?


35)  "Jamie's Shoes Don't Fit"  This just happens to be the winner of my Variations contest, and for good reason.  Here's Jamie's submission; "I just acquired a number of the TMNT I need and I noticed that the feet on a large number of them (China 4.9 stems) were further back relative to the stem. IE: the toes were very short and the heel quite deep. Because to this, you can't put body part shoes on them. I originally though it was just an error on one or two, but over half of my China stems are like this."


36)  "Eric's Eternal Eight"  Eric steps up to bat again with this beauty of a button.  See the figure eight?  This can be found on the newer dispensers, and on the buttons that feature the "Barbara's beveled bi-nubbined button."

37)  "Wendy's No Line Eeyore"  Another freak of the Winnie the Pooh series.  Destined to be a classic in your collection.  There are the more common One Line and No Line, and there seems to be one out there that actually has two lines, one being horizontal and the other vertical.  So this becomes a Double Variation.  A Double Whammy!  Also introducing "Ron's Horizontal Hood".  For your viewing pleasure, I've included a picture of all three.  Can you figure out which is which?  Do you know the difference between horizontal and vertical?  I don't.



38)  "Karen's Krew Kut Kid"  Now I don't know if she was the one who discovered this, but I'm giving her credit.  Why?  Three reasons.  She's my friend, her birthday is October 25th and it's my page.  So check out this, what she calls a receding hairline Pebbles.  And, another name I like, Patti's "My mom cut my bangs".


39)  "Karla's Pretty Goofy"  This one is hot off the press.  That means no pic yet.  Soon hopefully.  Seems Goofy is turning up with a..well, let's let Karla explain the new Current Goofy; "this "muzzle" looked 'rosier' than what I remembered it being. Sure enough, upon comparison with my other 4.9 that has the ORANGE neckband, this one definitely is "pinker" in addition to the orange neckband being a brighter orange than a burnt orange. Also the Thumb Tab is different. (wider)".  There ya have it folks.


40)  "Stephan's T-Bar, The Sequel"  You're probably wondering, why two T-Bars?  Well, seems Stephan's T-Bar is really not the T-Bar listed above.  No, no.  I choked.  Stephan's real T-Bar is quite unique.  When you see the picture, you'll know exactly what I mean.  This is a Variation you won't see everyday.  Well, unless you come back and look at this picture daily.



41)  "Jenn's Jowls"  Here's a new addition for you.  If you have a new Daffy, check out his beak.  The newer ones will actually be inset into the head mold.  You'll notice this especially around the hinge holes as the front of the beak seems to be flush.  I could only find this on the "Sleepy" Daffy, but I've been told by Jenn herself that it also can be found on the regular guy!


42)  Sometimes the story behind the Variation is as much fun as the Variation itself.  Here's an example from our very own Alex:  "Two years ago I got a hot pink goofy. I was very happy with it until sometime later I discovered a little defect which made me think "damn, it's broken". A few days ago I got a call from a fellow collector who told me she has goofy that I don't have, big printed eyes. When she gave it to me I saw the same defect again. Now I know its not broken but it's part of the mold. I call it the "damn, it's broken" variation. I only found this on two goofies so far, both on 3.9 Yugoslavian stems".  So now we have "Alex's Damn it's Broken" Goofy!


43)  A picture is worth a 1,000 words.  For the next variation, I'm going to use 1,000 words because I don't have a picture.  Better yet, I'll let the "discoverer" explain. "The latest Daffy (not the Sleepy Daffy from the Cool Looney Toons group)  One with a red tongue outlined in black, one with a grey tongue outlined in red!!!"  There you have "Stephen's Say Ahhhh" Daffy.


44)  This time I'm going to give you both 1,000 words and a picture.  "On the Peter Pez B (the one just recently discontinued) there are two distinct variations. First off, the Hungary made dispenser (left in picture) has smaller eyes, finer eyelashes, sloppier mouth paint, a round blade spring, no cross bar at the top back of the stem and also no patent. The Slovenian made dispenser (right in picture) has larger eyes, thicker eyelashes, nicer mouth paint, a square leaf spring, a cross bar at the top back of the stem and also includes a "TM&C 1970 PEZ" patent."  So we have Jim's "Peter has been to the beauty shop" Variation!


45)  Here's a new one from our very own Betty.  This one is appropriately titled the "Betty White Stamp."   It's a 3.942.583 footless sylvester with whiskers.!!... PLUS  stamped below almost at the very bottom of the stem is stamped in white letters "Made in Austria."

bws.jpg (18329 bytes)


46)  Here's one that took just moments to be added.  Fine, a couple years.  I'll let Stephen explain :

Remake, orange beak, PINK tongue outlined in BLACK, 4.9 blue #1 Hungary.
Remake, orange beak, GREY tongue outlined in RED, 4.9 Mauve #1 no/country.

(Also, the eye "decals" are different between these two as well.  Pink
tongue has more eliptical -longer and thinner- shapes, while grey tongue has
more of an oval shape to the eyes.)
daffytongues.jpg (17348 bytes)


47)  And yet another new (well, it was at one time) one from Stephen.  We'll call this "Fozzie, all done up."   Would you check out all the different facial features on this guy.  Which do you have?  Collect them all.

fozzyvariations.jpg (20263 bytes)


48)  And another "Fontastic" one from Gerad and Heather...

and I came across a 4.9 Miss Piggy made in
Czech Republic. I think I've seen this before, the
weird thing about it is the font. It looks like Arial
or Tahoma if I had to compare it to a Windows font.
Another oddity is that it's not in all-caps like most
made in countries are

fontastic.jpg (11005 bytes)

49)  And hot off the press...break out your Extreme Disney and an old Uncle Scrooge for "Dan's Space Cadet."  Dan writes:

I had them on display at work, and had never really looked closely at them.
When I brought them home yesterday I started to examine their patent dates,
and noticed that Mickey and Goofy (made in China) had some weird spacing in the
patent number. There's the equivalent of a full space after each comma, so it
reads something like: 5, 984, 285. I would have ignored this if I hadn't noticed
the same thing on the Uncle Scrooge A that arrived yesterday. On a Hong Kong
stemit read: 3, 942, 683.

patentsp.jpg (12903 bytes)


50)  Here's one that makes you wonder, how *do* they find these things.  I'm proud, just the same.  Put your hands together for "Dana's Fuzzy Find."  You won't find this regularly in a regular Regular.   Got that?

If you look inside the cap of the Fuzzy Friends, the cap has an extra piece of plastic that is
3/16" long and approx 1/16" high.

I had to practically rip the poor guy's head off, but...

fuzzyfr.jpg (5688 bytes)


51)  Here's a makeover found by our very own Stephen.  I like "Stephen's Sweet Sow" for this Variation, although his name of Piggy Lids is pretty catchy, too.  Check out Miss Piggy's eye make-up.   She is styling!

Piggy Lids.jpg (13062 bytes)


52)  As long as we're talking Stephen and Variations, how about this one..."Logan's Light Lip."  This is a great shot of how different the lips can be on Garfield.  Which do you have?

Hat Garfield Muzzle Variation.jpg (15440 bytes)

53)  Here's a cool find.  This one is a play on the many different color Variations.  It's aptly titled, "Shaun's She-Saur a Shade Down Crown."  But it doesn't stop with just the shade of the crowns.   Check out the paint job on them.  The one on the right with the lighter crown is a Slovenia.  It also has a much cleaner paint job.  Look at the lines on the eyes, and the pupils are perfect!  The head looks a bit wider, too.  Is it?

shecrwn.jpg (17637 bytes)


53)  The next three, 53, 54 & 55, I'm going to call Dana's "Triple Play."  Look at these beauties!  The first is "Dana's Floating Snow."  Open up your Snow White, carefully, she's dainty, and look at the metal pin.  See how it's visible between the two plastic sides?   The best view is from the top, however.  Now, only a crazy man would take her apart for this view.  I'm not crazy enough to do that.  Luckily, Dana is :)

SnowWhite02.jpg (15775 bytes)


54)  And Dana continues...this one is now known as "Messed Up Slinky."  Check out the huge differences in the two springs.   The big question here is...WHY!?

BentSpring.jpg (11211 bytes)

55)  And for Dana's "finally", we have, for your viewing pleasure, "Dana's Not So Regular Regular Pin."  Say that five times fast.  Fine, try "toy boat" a few times fast!  Anyway, check out the metal hinge pin holes on a regular Regular and a US Zone Regular.

RegCapVariation.jpg (26237 bytes)


56)  Well, Dana's On the Right Track" with his latest.  Such an awesome Variation I'm wondering how it could have been overlooked.   Simple, but with quite a few variations of this Variation.  For that reason, Dana can explain... "If you look at the photo, you will see 2 raised ridges that create a track for the candy button.  This stem is a 3.9 thin foot, Hong Kong, IMC 7.  There is only one set of tracks.  On the 3.9 thin feet or without feet Austria, IMC 8, there are 2 sets of tracks -- front and back.  The 3.9 thick foot, Austria. IMC 8 has one track.  3.8 and earlier stems do not have any.  The 4.9 and 5.9 stems also have the one set of tracks on the front edge of the outer sleeve."

Track.jpg (5063 bytes)

57)  Yes, he's back!  Dana strikes again with his "China Bump."  Sounds like a dance to me, but no.  It's a very large round protrusion on the top of the inner sleeve.  Dana states that a normal inner sleeve does have a small protrusion, but nothing like the China.

ChinaUpperBump.jpg (21112 bytes)  

58)  Guess what.  Dana has another :)   This one has been discussed before but not finalized.  Here is a great shot of "Dana's Inner Inner Sleeve."  I just love this pic!  Check out the different safety features (to hold the lower portion of the spring in place) on these.

SpringHold.jpg (41712 bytes)

60)  The next on the list, which from now on will be called Dana's Nubs and Such <G>, will be "Dana's Mutants."  This is another fun look at a single dispenser.  One that is best described using someone's elses words, Dana's.  He does a great job on the details with this one... "TMNTs shown in photo are Made in Slovenia (Yellow Stem), Made in China (the other 2 stemmed) and Made in China (came off of severely broken China stem).  The apparent differences are:

China:  Whiter, brighter teeth (either better opaque white paint or a double strike)
Slovenia:  Longer black line that separates the top and bottom teeth
Slovenia:  Smaller pupils and centered better in whites of the eyes"

TMNTsVariation.jpg (74200 bytes)


61)  We're gonna give Dana a break and let Chris have a turn.  Turns out that the Peanuts folks can't speel.  We'll call this "Khrises Charly.  This is very hard to describe so I'm going to use the best description and that's from Chris.  Note, that the one on the cheek can sometimes be hard to see even with a magnifying glass, so look real close!  Here ya go...

Here is my list of Charlie Browns

In each case, the name is in all caps is followed by @1950, 1966 United
Features Syndicate. Inc. on each.

CB with tongue, CHARLY BROWN on bill of cap and on his right cheek (left
side as you look at him), 3.9 Austria 3
CB with tongue, nothing on bill of cap, CHARLY BROWN on right cheek, 3.9
Austria 3 (but the smaller font 3).
CB frown, CHARLIE BROWN on bill of cap, nothing on right cheek, 3.9
Austria 8
CB frown, nothing on bill of cap, CHARLY BROWN on right cheek, 3.9
Austria 3 (also the smaller font 3).
CB smile, CHARLIE BROWN on bill of cap, nothing on right cheek, 3.9
Austria 8

And the pics!


62)  Ok, we gave Dana a break, for one Nub, and now he's back again.  And he's stronger than ever :)  I couldn't possibly come up with six different names for these, so they are now known as "Dana's Back Sleeves."  Or, Dana's BS, for short.  Not only are the Nubs awesome, but just look at the Regulars!!!

InSleeveNub01.jpg (9753 bytes)  InSleeveNub02.jpg (10993 bytes)  InSleeveNub03A.jpg (10986 bytes)

InSleeveNub03B.jpg (10582 bytes)  InSleeveNub04.jpg (9050 bytes)  InSleeveNub05.jpg (9695 bytes)


63)  Let's give Dana another break.  This is a newcomer to Nubs and Such.  Put your hands together for "Gary B's Side Snug."  See the small line on the side of the inner sleeve?  That's to help the IS snug into the stem.  Pretty clever, those Pez folks.

Garynub.jpg (10902 bytes)


64)  Well, one might think that the Gary B. Snug Nub was the only snug nub.  Nope.  Not sure if you've heard of him before, but there's a guy named Dana who found another.  How about "Dana's Back Snug Nub?"

  danabacksnug.jpg (10751 bytes)


65)  Here's a new and fun find.  Discovered, founded, and named, it's "Shaun's One Step Beyond" inner sleeve.  It's got a step in the front.  Why?  That's the $100 question.  Answer it and Shaun will send you $100.

ShaunsStepBeyond.jpg (7831 bytes)


66)  Well, "D", believe it or not, found another nub.  Are you sitting down?  You had better as this one will knock you down.  We had the "Gary Snug Nub" and the "Dana Back Snug Nub."  Now, we have "Dana's Double Snug Nub."  Yeah, I couldn't believe it myself, but it's true.  See for yourself...

DblSnugBump_ForkKicker.jpg (9321 bytes)


67)  I'm having a tough time coming up names sometimes, but this was a no brainer.  It will be called "Dana's Nubs."   Catchy, huh?  I really like this pic.  There's something about it.   But look at all the different metal springs.  Pretty awesome!

26InnerSleeve.jpg (23059 bytes)


68)  I got a new one, and I'm not going to tell you who sent it to me.  It will always remain a secret, because I know you'll never guess.  Here it is, let's have a big round of applause for the:

  "This shot will show the cut-out vs. non-cut out around where the candy comes out (right below the multi-leaf spring head) nub...D"

4_9_MultileafInnersleeve.jpg (13601 bytes)


Will the Variations ever stop? Not if Dana can help it :)  

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                                                                             *Updated 5/10/04, or, the last time Dana supplied a new one*