Here's a page devoted to some great Pezzy items that are not dispensers.

Even though this was made to dispense candy packs, I'm still going to include it here.  Don't get picky on me, now.  This is a counter display candy rack from the 1950's.  There used to be some type of header card clipped to the top, but, funny thing, it got lost along the way.

Pez Yo-Yo

Here's a shot of a Pez Yo-Yo , a premium from the same time period.  Shown is both sides.


Can you imagine some lucky kid back in the early 80's heading off to school with this bad boy?  And I thought I got picked on at school.  Something tells me I was the lucky one.

Candy Dish

Now this is a pretty piece! This is from the 1950's.  My guess is that this was given away as a gift to distributors.


There are quite a few Pez Clickers around, but this is one of the first, and one of the best, IMHO.  Push the lever on the back and the gal bends down to hand the boy a candy.

Dog Bank


This must have been a premium, but I'm not sure why a dog in a barrel?  Fish in a barrel, maybe.  Yappy in a barrel?  Definitely.  It has PEZ stenciled on the back.


Now this one really does have dispensers, but I thought I'd include it here anyway.  Inside you'll find an assortment of what collectors Pez accessories.  There are watches, bracelets, necklaces, and the like.  These items can also be found on individual cards under the name Dream Castle, but will not be associated with FAO.

Secret Code Flasher

This was a mail-away offer from Pez Co. back in the 1970's.  They are quite hard to find.  I'm currently in the process of trying to find David so that I can return this to him.

Here's a grouping of some Pez Stands.

And there are more styles out there!

Pez Pocketknife

This was a gift to employees of Pez Co.  The knife has three blades.  Mine has two.  How can one snap a thick piece of steel like that?

This is kind of fun.

This is the Party Pack.  It included the candy and balloons.  It was meant like a party favor, I believe.

There are a bunch of Pez Pens out there,


but I think this may be one of the older ones, and given to salesmen and distributors.   Going by the address, it would date to sometime in the 1960's.

Pentagon Stand

This was a mail away item from Pez Co.

How's this for a fun one!?

Another premium offer from Pez.  OK, now picture the kid with the backpack showing up on this and wearing the backpack!  Had to take this pic on the carpet as my blue "T" wasn't big enough.

What?  You don't collect White Castle memorabilia?

How about if the side panel had this?

Now we're talking.  I always thought the bag was just a regular bag that the food came in.  But it was meant for the kids to use to collect their Halloween candy.  Duh!

Here's a fun one.

When I first picked up this 1970's counter display, I thought it was odd that there was Peter Pez all over the sides and then Christmas on the header.  Then I noticed the header was a sticker.  Peel the sticker back and what do we have?  Looks like Batman ears to me.  Sure wish I could peel the whole thing.  What else is behind it?

Here's a cool one!

No real name to them so we'll just call them Eerie Spectre Finger Puppets.  According to Collecting Pez, by David Welch, Pez Co. sent Halloween masks to Hong Kong's Candy Novelty Works as a model for the Eerie Spectre dispenser heads.  So, my guess would be, that after they designed the Eerie Spectres dispensers, Candy Novelty Works used the old molds and made these puppets.  Why?  Who knows.  They will be marked Hong Kong on the back of the head.  Only two more to go and I win, Ty :)


That's about it for now.  I'm sure I'll be adding more non-dispenser items as I think of them.