Yes, you will find some great graphics on some Pez cards, but the simple older cards are just plain sweet!


These are what I'm talking about.  Very simple, but a Pez classic.  They can be called a Hanging Tag or a Solid Color card.  Shown are a few Superheroes.

Here's one more Wonder Woman.  Now with four packs of candy!


Here's a couple Warner Bros. on the same card.  Also shown is the reverse of a solid color card.


And some C Trucks.  Here's something cool.  There is a Variation of Trucks that have blue wheels.  Can you find the one with blue wheels above?  Only the rear two sets of wheels are blue.  The front are black.  Strange, huh?  Also note the candy pack on the blue cab Truck.  Is that grape awesome, or what?!

Just in case you gave up on the wheel hunt.


What have we here?  Where did the solid color go?  We still have the hanging tag, but we're changing things up a bit.


Here's a few more green and yellow stripes.



Now we're getting into a little graphics! Same Mickey and Donald dispensers as above but with a real nice Mickey graphic.  Note the different candy packs.  One would think they would have the same.  But, noooo.  And they knocked the candy packs back down to two.


Now we're getting crazy.  The over size cards are just great!  The only problem I have is that the hair is coming off the Girl.  Can you say Psycho?


And we've got Easter, with what I feel are some of the best Pez graphics ever!


Onto Halloween.  Not as good as Easter but not bad either.


And Snowman and Santa get a nice change of pace, as well.

And remember the Valentines oversize card?  Here's a great Santa one.  Note the corner missing at the top?  That was where the price tag was.  The store decided to change the price and you simply remove the corner and price it however you like.  I wonder if they raised or lowered the price?


And a couple of fun ones, Annie and a Rooster on the musical note card, again, one of my favorite graphics.  Why doesn't Annie have pupils?


Now we're getting into cards that look more like the ones out now.  These dispensers are NF so we know they date back before 1987.


And from there they go from NF (left) to WF (right) and still have the same graphics. 


And from the two pack cards they went...


Back up to three packs.  It's fun trying to find these three pack cards with the New Size stickers!


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