Oldies but goodies!


Here's a few shots of some "One Hit Wonders."  In no specific order, well, except alphabetically, we have...


Annie, with her Chicken McNugget hair.

From the Asterix Series we have...

Asterix and Obelix.  There is another, Muselix, that is definitely on my Wish List!

We have Bullwinkle.  The Variation to look for with him is the one on a brown stem!

And the friendly ghost...

Casper.  I took a close-up to show you the differences in the eyes.  I think the more common is the one on the left with the blue eyes.   The other one has green.  They are to green!  The ones shown are the regular stem, but he also comes with the die-cut stem.

This is the Crazy Fruit series.

The first is Orange.  Shown is a stem with patent and one without, usually they'll have no patent. 

Do you see a small imperfection on his leaves?  If so, not to worry.  Most will have this defect.

Take a deep breath.  This is normal.


But not all...

If you look close, however, you can see where the hole almost opens.

The next one in the series is...


No Variations, but such a classic!  There is also a Pineapple and a Lemon in this series.  Can you say Wish List? Well, forget the Lemon.  Only one of those bad boys is known to exist.

This is the Baseball Glove, Bat and Home plate!

Unfortunately, the bat is missing its...ummm...what do you call that part of a bat?  For now we'll call it the "part of the bat that keeps the bat from flying out of one's hands" part.


This was a giveaway for new depositors at a Bank in Europe.  On one side it's inscribed Hippo and the other, Landerbank.

Lions Club Lion

A very rare dispenser that is inscribed:

LIONS Int. Convention 1962

District 114 Austria


This dispenser can also be found on a generic stem.


It's a dog, I swear.  This is character from a French comic book.

Talk about a wild one!

These are Psychedelic Eyes.  Aren't they boss?  You bet they are.  Here's a shot of the sticker side.

The sticker came with other sayings like LUVPEZ and MODPEZ, and can even come with two stickers.  The stems will be 2.6 Austria.  One common flaw with them is a slight crack by the hinge pin on the wrist.  It doesn't happen with all of them, but is quite common.  There is another groovy dispenser that's on my Wish List.  They are called Psychedelic Flowers.  They have an eyeball in a flower.  One of these days!  Pez Co. has made remakes of the Eye and Flower.  They will be 4.9 patents and Made in Hungary, and it's pretty easy to tell the difference from the originals.

Space Trooper

This is what is called a Full-bodied dispenser, similar to the Full-bodied Santa.

And here's the backside.  Pretty cool looking, huh?!


Yet another bank premium.  Sparefroh means Happy Saver, and he sure looks happy.

These are called Die-Cuts.

We have Donald (with the three nephews), Bozo (with Bozo and Butch), Casper, and Mickey Mouse (with Minnie).  There is also a Die-Cut Bunny to be had.  It's a Wish List item for me.  And, there is a one-of-a-kind Comet, too.  I'd say Wish List, but there is only one known to exist.  My glass is half full, but...



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