MGM...A Variation Mecca!

Some of the MGM characters, Ton and Jerry, were sold in the United States many moons ago, but then went on to be sold only in Canada and overseas.  There are not too many characters, but the variations on this group of dispensers is immense.  The differences can be confusing, but like any Variation, a lot of fun.  Many of the characters have similar changes to them.  

mgmall.jpg (52081 bytes)

Let's start with...

toma.jpg (28879 bytes)

Shown above is Tom "A."  What makes him "A" is this.  He has no hair, eyes painted orange and a MGM 1980 copyright on the back of his head.  Once we get done reviewing Tom you'll see why these characteristics are important.  Well, maybe you will, and maybe you just won't care.   Oh, be honest.  You know by the time you finish this you'll be a MGM fanatic!

This is Tom "B."

tombs.jpg (29729 bytes)

This guy is pretty easy to spot.  Just look for the plastic face pieces (Multi-piece Face).  You may be wondering why there are so many pictured.   The ones shown above are all different.  Most of these are orange, WF, spineless dispensers and the biggest difference is the inner sleeves and buttons.   They all are the prettiest shades of pastel yellow and blue.  The norm, however, is a red stem.  These, too, will have the MGM copyright and no hair.

Here's a couple more B's.

tombodd.jpg (26007 bytes)

These I like just because they're different.  The pink is a 3.4 Austria.  The blue is a 3.9 Yugoslavia.

This is where it gets confusing.

tomc.jpg (16276 bytes)

This is Tom "C."  He looks awfully familiar to Tom "A", huh?  He really is pretty close.  His eyes will be more of a yellow and he will have either the MGM or the Turner Ent. Co. copyright.  Another way to tell, not 100%, is that this Tom will have two "stratzenfurters."  Never heard of it, have you?  Look on the back of the head and you'll see two small posts.   These are there so that when Tom flew down the conveyor belt at the factory, he wouldn't roll around.  The mis-informed call these conveyor belt stabilizers.   Not me.  I call them stratzenfurters.

Here's what I mean...

tomastr.jpg (20060 bytes)   tomcstr.jpg (16764 bytes)

Tom A has no stratzenfurter.                                  Tom C with MGM copyright has two posts.

tomcstr2.jpg (19211 bytes)    tomdstr.jpg (19503 bytes)

Tom C with Turner copyright has two posts.        Tom D with thumb tab, as most collectors call it.

Speaking of Tom "D."

tomd.jpg (16844 bytes)

He, too, looks like A and C, but he has hair.

Pretty nice "doo", huh?

tomhair.jpg (26444 bytes)

Tom C on left.  Tom D on right.

That lesson on Tom was pretty confusing.  But, now that you understand the concept, you'll easily rush through the rest of the MGM.  Jerry has a similar story.

jerryaal.jpg (31662 bytes)

Shown above are the four Jerry's.  From left is A, B, C, and D.  See a pattern?  The only change to it is the hair.  I'll show you.

This is Jerry A.

jerrya.jpg (15657 bytes)

If you remember, Tom A did not have hair, but Jerry A does.   It's just "small" hair.   Now the pattern will continue.  Next comes Jerry B.

Do you remember what the key was to Tom B?

jerrybal.jpg (19727 bytes)

That's right, Multi-piece face.  Same goes with the Jerry B's above.

The other thing to look for with Jerry B is the snout colors.

jerrybwf.jpg (26714 bytes)

There are two, pink or white.  Shown above, from left, is three pinks, and a white.  The blue on the far left is a no spine.

That wasn't the best comparison photo above.  Here's another.

jerpnksn.jpg (18384 bytes)

Pink is on the left.  Yeah, I know.  That wasn't the best photo either.

Now we're on to Jerry C and D.

jerrhair.jpg (26628 bytes)

Once again, they look just like the A.  The big difference, as with Tom, is the hair and copyright.  Jerry C, left, has the small hair and Jerry D has the "catch a wave" kinda hair.  Also, the Jerry C can come with either the MGM copyright or the Turner Ent. copyright.  Tom D will have the Turner Ent. copyright.

Here's a pic.

jercopy.jpg (17171 bytes)

That's Jerry D on the left, and C on the right.

Tuffy, also called Mighty Mouse

tuffya.jpg (29863 bytes)

This is Tuffy A.  He is like Jerry except they skipped the Tuffy A and went straight to B.  Make sense?  The first Tuffy is the Multi-piece face.

Look close.

tuffyton.jpg (17435 bytes)

Here's two Multi-piece faces.  A little different configuration, but they're both A's.  A little different whisker paint and the one on the right has a painted tongue.  Not all will have this.

Here's a very unique Tuffy.

tufreeaf.jpg (12010 bytes)

This guy is called the removable ear Tuffy.  Instead of painting the ears, they are actually plastic inserts.

Here's a shot from the back.

tufreeab.jpg (14546 bytes)

The posts on the ear inserts stick through the ears.  Jerry can also be found like this.  I've been keeping an eye out for that one.  There's a joke there somewhere.  Not to confuse the issue, but I will, the Tuffy above sometimes gets its own designation.  Some may call it Tuffy B or C.  For simplicity, we'll call it an "A", but with removable ears.

So, you've seen A.  Now let's hit B and C.

tuffyb.jpg (15714 bytes)

Looks like Tom C, huh?  This is B with small hair.

And this is C.

tuffyc.jpg (17261 bytes)

He has tall hair.

Here's a close-up.

tuffhair.jpg (26112 bytes)

In addition to the hair, the copyrights, MGM vs. Turner, and paint will also vary.

Droopy Dog

droopya.jpg (30903 bytes)

There is something about this guy I love.  It must be his face.  Isn't he funny looking?  And some cool Variations too.  Shown above is Droopy A.  What makes Droopy A Droopy A is his ears.  His ears are movable.   Ha is most commonly found on a blue footed stem, but can be found NF, as well.

Here's Droopy B.

droopyb.jpg (26809 bytes)

This guy has ears that are painted.

A comparison shot for your viewing pleasure.

droopyea.jpg (19929 bytes)

Can you tell which is which?

Here's a shot of three that have some real unique stems.

droopysl.jpg (29730 bytes)

Shown here is a 2.6 footed, 3.4 footed and 3.9 footed stem.   All are spineless.

Here's another MGM!

spikea.jpg (24706 bytes)

This is Spike.  The ones above are called Spike A.   Like many other Pez, these A dispensers have painted eyes.  When we get to Spike B, you'll see stencil eyes.

But first...

spikegr.jpg (17431 bytes)

This is Spike with a green head.  He's pretty hard to come by.

Ok, back to Spike B.

spikeb.jpg (26035 bytes)

See the eyes?  Also, you may notice a little difference in the whiskers.  The newer models will have them, the older ones (far left) will not.

Spike C

spikec.jpg (15115 bytes)

Not much to report except a bit of a face change color.

Last, but not least, we have Barney Bear.

barneyal.jpg (26354 bytes)

This guy has an uncanny resemblance to Icee Bear.  That's because they used the same mold.  I have Icee Bear listed under the Holiday section, though.  As with Icee, the big difference with this guy is in the eyes.

Right between the eyes.

barneye.jpg (22199 bytes)

Look at the one on the left.  He has a bit more of an ivory face piece.  Also, see how the complete area between his eyes is painted black?   The one on the right only has a small splash between the eyes.  When you get around to seeing Icee, it will go from a splash to nothing at all.

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