The Kooky Zoo Series is a great one!

There's just something about these dispensers.  They are probably one of the most popular series among diehard collectors.  They are classic 70's Pez!

zooall.jpg (49776 bytes)

Cow "A"

This is the first of the Cow series.  He is called Cow "A" and comes in many pretty colors.  The thing about him is his eyes.   The eyes are a separate plastic piece, as is the nose, but the eyes are also found on other Kooky Zoo dispensers as well.  Here's a close-up...

coweye.jpg (16804 bytes)

Can you see the whites of his eyes?

Another thing to look for is the cheeks.

cowcheek.jpg (22697 bytes)

The Cow on the right (Made in Hong Kong)  is called a Partial Cheek.  See how a portion of the cheek is missing?  The one on the left is the normal (Made in Austria) Cow A.  This Variation can be found on other Kooky Zoo dispensers, too.

Yellow and orange...

cowa.jpg (31950 bytes)

Look at all the beautiful shades of yellow.  There is another that has eluded me.  That's a neon yellow.  That is on my Christmas list.  But wait, there's more!


cowblue.jpg (28415 bytes)

Here are some shades of blue.  The one on the right is the powder blue.  Due to my cheap camera, it's not easy to see, but the powder blue has just a hint of violet to it.  Almost an iridescence (had to find the spell check to use that word).

Let me try another shot at the powder blue on a black background.

cowpowdr.jpg (17349 bytes)

That's a little better.  I still want a new camera.

And another HTF (hard to find)...

This is the green Cow A.


And Purple...

cowpurp.jpg (21044 bytes)

This guy is pretty.  Like the green above, he's on a 3.8 USA stem.  These were "Pez Experimental Era" dispensers!

Cow "B"

This one probably comes in more colors than Cow A, at least the combinations.  Here's a few...

cowb.jpg (25155 bytes)

This guy's cousin is a dog.  See, the head of Cow A, with a touch of modification, can become Yappy Dog.  Let me explain.

Can you see the similarities?

yapncow.jpg (22020 bytes)

Remove the horns, nose and ears.  Slap on a set of floppy ears and a new nose, and walla, you have Yappy.  You may also notice that the pusher/kicker on the Cow has a small nub on it, and that the Cow has two holes on each side (one is just barely visible by his ear and the other is where the ear goes).   Well, from what I've seen, Yappy can have the nub or not, and he can have two holes or just one.  The Cow can have the nub or not, but I've only seen him with two holes.   That was a lot about nothing, huh?.

As long as we're talking about Yappy, let's keep that thread going.

yappy.jpg (33556 bytes)

Here's Yappy Dog.  He's usually found on the 3.4 Austria stem and has a cool IMC (Injection Molding Code).  Most dispensers have a single digit IMC located on the upper part of the stem, but some of the 3.4 (Patent 3,410,455) stems will have an IMC that begins with a 4 and is followed with a smaller (in size, not numerically speaking) single digit.  Here's an example of a "4 2" IMC found on the yellow and green Yappy above.

I like these Dual IMC's!

dualimc.jpg (6826 bytes)

Interesting to note.  The IMC can go from a 4/1 to a 4/8.  The reason is this.  The molding machine had eight cavities and each one was numbered 1-8.  The large four denotes Austria.


There are a couple Variations with this guy.

raven.jpg (28007 bytes)

 One that's not pictured (he's on my wish list too) is the Raven with Long Beak.  The above are the Short Beak variety.  The one WF (With Feet) has the dark blue head.  You might be wondering, Rob, the two yellow beaks appear to be the same.  No siree, Rob.  The two Yellow Beak, NF (No Feet) look similar, but have a looksee below.

Cool springs!

ravenspr.jpg (19161 bytes)

The one on the left is what I call the Hong Kong Metal Spring.  The right is the more common Austria Metal Spring.  These HK Springs are common on the Partial Cheek dispensers mentioned above, but not very common as far as Metal Springs are concerned.  And here's the different stem markings of those two Ravens.

Made in...

ravenpat.jpg (10404 bytes)

Left is Made in Hong Kong...Right is Made in Austria

And remember the Cow A cheeks?

ravenchk.jpg (21391 bytes)

Raven has the partial cheeks, too!  See the hinge hole on the partial cheek?

Cat with Derby aka "PUZZY"

puzzy.jpg (30805 bytes)

And yet another Partial Cheek. The black head (far left) is the normal Austria 2.6.  On the far right is the normal red head, 2.6 Austria, but the red is more intense then the middle two.  The ones in the middle are both partial cheeks.  One is a 3.4 (metal spring) and the other is a 3.9 (plastic spring).  Both are made in?   Right, Hong Kong.  Variations seem to be endless :)

And, with Hong Kong, you get...

puzzychk.jpg (21520 bytes)

Cheeks and...

puzzyspr.jpg (22721 bytes)

Hong Kong Springs!

Made in USA!

puzzyyel.jpg (15166 bytes)

Here's another cool  Puzzy.  The yellow head guy is quite uncommon.  See how Puzzy has the same plastic eye piece as the Cow A?


cockatoo.jpg (29390 bytes)

Another dispenser known for it's many different colors.  It's common for the stems on these guys to have no patent number marked on them.  And be sure to look for the "Eric Pyramid" nub on the back/side of the head.


panther.jpg (17610 bytes)

I hate to admit it, but I can't find a Variation with this guy.   The one above is on a 3.4 Austria stem.  Still, I think he's gorgeous!

Here's my first!  Croc!

crocall.jpg (27831 bytes)

Here's my very first dispenser, Croc (2.6 pictured center).  A gift from my girlfriend (and now wife), in 1976.  She stuck this dispenser on my birthday cake.  It's still rusty inside from the frosting.  I've been collecting them ever since.  Boy, is she ever bummed she got me started :)  The one on the right is a 3.4 Austria and the one on the right is also a 3.4, but with feet!  This was a gift from my non-genetic son on my 40th birthday!  I'm surrounded by nice people bearing Crocs!

And here's Panda.  

pandaa.jpg (27086 bytes)

The above are the older "Removable Face Pieces" version.  They also have a little tuft of hair on their heads. 

Want a close-up?

pandacls.jpg (17445 bytes)

Ask and ye shall receive.

Then there's Panda B...

pandab.jpg (15172 bytes)

Not much to this guy.  But wait, there must be some Variation.  There is the country of origin, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia and Austria.  That's pretty good.  They can also be found on a 3.9 stem vs. a 4.9.   Oh, I got it.  How about the ears?

Look at this!

pandaear.jpg (14945 bytes)

The one on the right is the early release.  The fatter ears were added in 1999.  Phew!  I'm glad there was something different.

And here's the latest Panda!

pandaclr.jpg (15065 bytes)

Cool, huh!?!

And the new Kooky Zoo!

newkook.jpg (29699 bytes)

Shown from left are the Elephant, Hippo, Lion and Croc B.

But wait...

kookcry.jpg (34865 bytes)

Aren't the Crystals awesome?  They look good enough to eat.

And look at these new Crystals!

clearcrst.jpg (32365 bytes)

How many more will they make?  Hopefully none :)

But they did!

elepink.jpg (21910 bytes)

The Zinnafant, I believe, is a promotional dispenser for a supermarket chain in Europe.  Don't quote me on that, though.  The other elephant.  I hate it when I see pink elephants.

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