This is a fun series!   Many of these characters are from the 1976 Bicentennial Series.

These are the Astronauts.   

The two on the right are known as Astronaut "B" and the one on the left is Astronaut "A."  The "A" is from the 60's, and the "B" is from the 70's.  Well, that was too easy.  Let's move on.

Very similar, these are called Spaceman dispensers.

They makes me nervous and feel very claustrophobic.  They do, however, have some of the coolest stems.  Just look at the one on the far right.  Pretty sweet swirls, huh!?

Let's see if I can explain without a big long ramble.....ain't gonna happen!

These guys and gals can come with an inscribed stem.  It reads Cocoa-Marsh.  From what I've been told, this was a chocolate drink mix.  I liken it to Ovaltine.  Anyway, this dispenser was a premium back in the 60's.  So, you can have a Cocoa-Marsh or a Spaceman.  The Spaceman stem will be a regular PEZ stem.  The cool part are the colors.  The Cocoa-Marsh can come in three colors; medium blue, blue and metallic blue.  The big question, does the regular Spaceman come in all three?  Shown is just the blue and metallic Spaceman.  How about medium blue?  I'd bet he does!

Here's a pretty one!

This one you won't see very often, if at all.  This is what looks to be a Spaceman on pink.  The problem is, he has a metal pin.  No big deal, right?  Wrong.  You won't find a Spaceman with a metal pin.  You will, however, find a Astronaut A with one, so this guy is a bit of a transitional piece. 

See the metal pin?  He sits on a 2.6 Austria stem with a non-shadow stem.  Hi, Ty!

Some Bicentennial...

Here's some cool looking dudes and dudettes, Betsy Ross (did you know she makes flags), Daniel Boone, Pilgrim, Wounded Soldier, and Captain (aka Paul Revere).

Cowboys and Indians

The Indian on the left is known as Indian Brave.  The two gals in the center are called Indian Maidens.  The lime green stem is such a beautiful color.  Then there's Cowboy!  See, they can get along.  Is there more to this family?  Sure, there's...

Dear Old Dad...

Look at all the pretty marbleized headdresses.  Rumor has it that Pez Co. ground up old Make-A-Faces to make them.  Hurts, huh?!

Look at the...


One more thing about the headdresses.

The mold on the right is the normal one.  But look at the one on the left.  See how large the yellow part is compared to the other?  And, how tall the feathers are?  This is the Hong Kong version and will be found on a 2.6 Hong Kong stem.  Pretty hard to find in my opinion.

The Tax Man

Shown are the two different faces of Uncle Sam.  Collectors call them flesh and Club Med.

Pilot and Stew


Here's a couple neat ones.  This is Stewardess and Pilot.  The Stewardesses are on 2.6 and 3.4 stems.  The one on the right has a darker face color than the one on the left.  This is due to the fact that she flew mostly tropical flights whereas the other gal flew in the colder regions.

Last, but not least...

Can you guess what they call this guy?  That's right.  Football Player.  Excellent job.  He's an older dispenser and came in a few different colors.  Another Variation to this guy is the stripe on his helmet.  The one shown has a piece of tape for his stripe, but there is another version that has an actual plastic piece for the stripe.  

Here's a close-up of the tape.

Yeah, I know.  There's dirt under the tape.  Hey, it was a rough game.


Here's a look at his stem.  See the banner?  They came packed with an insert.  Kids would cut out a flag from this insert and paste it to the stem.  In all the years I've been collecting, I've never seen one with a flag attached.


Here's a look at the insert.  Seems little Johnny cut something out.


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