Head Molds


With Pez, there are many different human head molds.   Sometimes the same mold is used for multiple characters.  Sometimes they have just a slight change which makes them hard to differentiate.  That's a big word, huh?   Sometimes the differences are like night and day.  Anyway, this page will hopefully help you tell which is which.

First let's look at some fine looking gentlemen.

thor.jpg (27548 bytes)

Here we have Thor, Pilot and Astronaut B.  These will all have the same head mold.  There are quite a few others with this same head mold.   Some that just pop into my mind (really I'm looking at my display case) are Wounded Soldier, Pilgrim, Daniel Boone, Captain and Uncle Sam.

Here's a close-up.

pilotcu.jpg (15275 bytes)

He's a tough looking dude, but concerned, just the same.

Now let's look at a couple of beautiful ladies.

steward.jpg (27086 bytes)

Quite similar to the gentlemen above, but with a slight feminine look.  Which is nice.  These share the same mold.

This gal...

betsy.jpg (18804 bytes)

is in a league of her own.  Thank goodness, too.   Looks like she got a severe left hook!

Here's an older human mold, like me.

zorro.jpg (28271 bytes)

Shown is Green Hornet, Football Player and Zorro.  They all have the same mold, with the only difference being the copyright.

Look closely.

zorrocu.jpg (25268 bytes)

See how the Football Player has the oval below his helmet, but lacks the copyright?


cavszor.jpg (23731 bytes)

These guys look similar, but they're not.  See the detail of their ears?

Again, close...

chief.jpg (29136 bytes)

All of these molds are one-of-a-kind.  The Cowboy and Chief look similar, but let's take a closer look.


chiefcu.jpg (27288 bytes)

The Cowboy has much rounder details, and if you look under the Chief's headdress, he has no ears.  I SAID HE HAS NO EARS!

Another loner?

spaceman.jpg (15580 bytes)

Another unique mold?  Wait, could it be?  Yes, it's...

Astronaut A!


hmbckbt.jpg (2432 bytes) me home, please!  Or, take me back to hmbkoe.jpg (3096 bytes)