What's a Halo?  Glad you asked.  A Halo card is a pastel striped card with a white splash behind the character's head.  There are also plain pastel striped cards, sans halo, that are just as fun to collect.  I've included them on this page, as well.  Halos were released sometime in the mid 80's in Europe and Canada and started to disappear from the shelves in the late 90's.  They were not released in the good old US of A.  Not only is it fun to try and collect all the different dispensers on these cards but the Variations of each dispenser, and card, too.  All pictured on this page are different in some way or another.

Here's your basic Halo card

It's a Witch D with your usual three packs of candy.  But that's just the beginning!

We have Duck Tales.

The two Webby's shown are a 4.9 Yugo and a 3.9 Austria.

And a 4.9 Slovenia Webby, too.  And we have a 3.9 and a 4.9 Austria Gyro pictured, as well as a 4.9 Hungary and 4.9 Austria Bouncer Beagle.  As is typical in Pez collecting, one could search their entire life and not find them all, especially if you've got the Variation psychosis bug.

And some Flintstone's.  Fred will appear in a minute.

And an assortment of Garfield. 

Notice the one directly above and right has four packs of candy.  Interesting!

From the Muppets we have Fozzie on a tangerine (4.9 Yugoslavia) stem and on a normal yellow (3.9 Austria).  I've always wanted to find a Miss Piggy with eyelashes on Halo but have not had any luck.  Does she exist on Halo?

Hey, another four pack!  What's up with that?


Snoopy eyes open and eyes closed.  Not sure which is which, though.  They both looked closed to me.

Woodstock with and without feathers.

Here's an assortment of Disney.  The Disney series of dispensers has more than any other so be ready to find lots of them on Halos!

Here's some Holiday dispensers.

Here is Angel on what collectors call a Starry card.  It's here because of that beautiful splash of pastel on the bottom of the card.  Guess I should have called this page the Pastel Page, but I'm much too manly for that.

Some more manly pastel and stars!

What's missing from the above three cards?  That's right.  There is no "Bonbon" or "Candy" on the top, and there is no Net Weight.  Some cards are like that but who knows why.

Like Disney, MGM has quite a few characters.

Notice that you can find either the painted eye and the stencil eye MGM on these cards, along with the movable and non-movable ear Droopy.

MMM's (Merry Music Makers)

Two Clowns and two Tigers...both different?  Here's the problem with collecting on Halos.  Sometimes, depending on how the dispenser is positioned on the card, you can't see the country of origin, patent number, and/or the IMC number.  The pairs above are a good example.  One side of the stem of a Tiger shows no markings, the other is a 3.9 Austria.  Are they the same?  The World may never know.  They are, however, positioned on the card differently so that makes them a Variation.  OK, even I'm not buying that.

This is a fun card!  Are the graphics on the Melody card the greatest, or what!

I wonder how they decide to arrange the candy packs? 

Here are some more assorted MMM cards...

And some fun Warner Bros.

The Merlin's above are pretty fun to find.  It's hard to see in the picture but the one on the far right is a purple stem.  Sometimes you come across loose dispensers on odd color stems, but you really can't say if they're legit or not.  Finding one the same color on a card can put your mind at ease.

Speaking of odd color stems, there are some real unique stems colors to be found.  Here's a few.

Note that the above cards are the pastel stripe and have no Halo.

Some cards will have special offers and some great looking graphics.

Talk about your unreal deal.  Buy the dispenser above and you get a FREE pencil.  That's right, no shipping charges to pay or UPC's to save.  You get the pencil immediately.  How this one survived without the buyer just ripping that bad boy off the package is beyond me.

I'm fluent in every language spoken, except for the ones above.  So, you'll have to decipher them yourself.

These are called Double Cards.  They can be found with MGM of the Flintstone's series, and with all the different Body Parts.

Here's a few more fun ones.

Note that the two above are NF (no feet).  And they contain my favorite candy packs, too!  All NF Halos will have these packs.


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