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This is one fun series.  What gets me about these characters is some of the less known monster additions designed by Pez.  We've all heard of the Halloween Witch and Pumpkin, but Blob?  Mr. Ugly?  One-Eyed Monster?  You gotta love it!

Let's start with an easy one...Witch!

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Here's the first one on the block.  This is called Witch A...which makes a heck of a lot of sense.  It's also known as One Piece Witch...which will make more sense after you see the next Witch.  This gal will have a metal pin and spring, and come with a cool stem!

Here's a shot of her embossed stem...

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Told you it was cool.

Next in line is what collectors call the Three Piece Witch.

Three pieces being the hat, hair and head.   I tried to show some different shades of the face.  There's an avocado, neon, neon with red eyes (weird, huh?!) and a mint...that is mint.  

The Three Piece also comes in an array of cool colors.

Here's a few.


Here's the next version...

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You're probably wondering why I took a close-up.  It wasn't so that you could see I was behind in my dusting.  It was because this gal and the Three Piece get mixed up now and again.  This one looks like the Three Piece, but the pieces are actually molded to the head.  See?  Now that I think of it, she still has three pieces.  The test, try lifting the hair up.  It won't budge.  Now try it with the Three Piece.  It will.

Here's a few versions of the above.

Crystal.  GITD.  I don't know what to call this one.   Misfit.

Let's do another simple one.

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Let's do Pumpkin.  The ones above were the first.  The fun thing to look for on these are the two-tone faces.  See the two on the left?   Their face inserts are quite dark compared to the rest of the head.  Pretty fun if you ask me.

From there...

pumabc.jpg (48786 bytes)

we go to (from right) another Pumpkin A, to B, to C.

Like the Witch, what would we do without a few odd ducks?

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Shown from right, another C, C on a GITD (glow in the dark) stem, C with a GITD head, and C with a blue tint crystal head.

Time for Skull.

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You know the drill...Skull B is on the left, and the rest are Skull A's.  The Skull A's are fun to look for on the odd colored stems.  Usually they'll be USA stems.  Shown are a black (on Austria) and orange and red on USA stems, and a couple with thin feet.

And the Misfits...

skmisft.jpg (46566 bytes)

The two on the right are pretty cool test molds, and the second from left is the GITD.  Also shown is a Crystal and a light blue Crystal.

It's hard to see, but...

the one on the right has a slight blue tint.  Having a blue background really helped with this shot.

On to something fun!

bloball.jpg (75803 bytes)

This guy is called Blob or Octopus.  Look at all the fun colors!  The hardest to find would be the red head.  Actually, there is a yellow head, but that is way high on the wish list.  The three on the right are what I call butterscotch.  They are much lighter than the orange head guys.  The butterscotch will be found on USA stems, and their eyes will be painted unlike the orange. 

For a bit more detail on the butterscotch Blob, click here.  


Speaking of butterscotch...

blobcof.jpg (39723 bytes)

On a beautiful lavender USA stem.  I really like this dispenser for some reason.




Commonly confused with Creature Front the Black Lagoon, this is the Halloween dispenser Fishman.  Yes, the mold is the same, but this dispenser will have no copyright, and Creature will always be pearlescent (I made that word up) green.

You know, speaking of Creature, why not just include the UA Monsters now.  I was going to put them on a separate page, but they are pretty scary!

See what I mean?  There's Frank on the left, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Wolfman.

There's a nice Variation on Frank.and Wolfie.  Let me show you.

The one on the left has the UA copyright and a metal pin.  The one on the right has a plastic pin and no copyright.  He's a bit harder to find.  Also note the hair color of the copyright less Frank.  It's more gray then black, as is the stem.

One other thing.

The face pieces on Wolfie were glued together.  See that brown goop at the seam?  That is perfectly normal for this dispenser.  Don't think yours is reject.  You can still love him.

This guy is called the One-Eyed Monster.  Guess why.

The cool thing about this guy are the many different shades of brown.  I don't have the darkest of the bunch, but there is a black Variation.  Also worth noting is the resemblance to Gorilla from the Circus series. 

Here's a close-up shot of the two orange ones. 

2.6 Austria   and   3.4 Austria

Now it's time for something really Ugly!

This guy is called Mr. Ugly.  He can be found in numerous shades of green.  Shown above are some of the medium and olive greens.


Here are a few more...

The ones on the left would be yellow-greens, especially the one in the middle.  The others are the aqua face guys.  All those face colors and some cool stems, make for a fun Variation.  Just to note.  Some of the older models have no hole in the top of their heads.  The hole, so collectors think, were made so that Mr. Ugly could sport a hat.  What a cool addition that would have been!

Well, all things change and so did the Halloween characters.

Here's the latest, the Ghost series.  These can also be found in GITD, Crystal, and the blue Crystal like the Skull above.

And here is the latest revision in the Halloween series.

Pretty good revision, if you ask me.  Did you ask me?  The blue is a cool test, and probably one you won't see very often.

And new for 2006...

The infamous Black Cat!


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