Back in the day, Pez Co. put out some great looking Gun dispensers.  Problem was, they presented a choking hazard.  So, when they came out with their first in the 1950's, they discontinued them.  Then they came out with another in the 1970's.  That, too, presented a choking issue.  Goodbye 1970's Gun.  Then they came out with another in the 1980's.  That got discontinued because, ummm, it was a choking hazard.  Let's take a look at them.

The first was the 1950's Space Gun.

Talk about a cool looking gun!  By taking off the front and rear cap, one can take the whole gun apart.  That way you could change up the rubber band if it should ever break.

This is a close-up of the handle.  The white bottom piece slides forward and releases the magazine.

1950's Display

This is a counter display of the 50's Guns.  Boy, only 49 cents.  What a deal!

Each Gun came with its own permit.

This shows the front and the back.

Then came the 1970's Shooter.

These are pretty realistic looking!  Well, at least the brown and black ones are.  The magazine on this model slides out of the bottom of the handle.  This will have the 2.6 and the DBP 818.829 patents.

Welcome to the 1980's.

Now we go back to the Space Gun look.  These came in red and silver.  Again, the magazine slides out below the handle. Interesting to note, this gun has a patent number not found on any dispenser, #3.370.746.

Here's a couple MOC.

What's this?

Rob, you said they only came in red and silver?  Yeah, but this is not a Pez Gun.  This is a DSH Gun.  The black oval on the top part of the handle reads DSH instead of PEZ.  Not sure what that stands for.  This is a knock-off gun and was sold as a toy to shoot small plastic pellets.  The pellets are roughly the same size and shape as Pez candy.  It's possible the Pez Co. sold the mold when they discontinued their 1980's Gun.  They can also be found in black, and carded.  The cards have some of the greatest graphics, too.


It's all fun and games until someone gets HURT!