Are you a FEBhead?

Many Pezheads love the Fat Ear Bunnies.  If you do too, you're a FEBhead.  There are just so many nice Variations of this dispenser.   It will give me a chance to show you some of the minute Variations that exist.   So, let's take a look at the Fat Ear Bunnies!

feball.jpg (59435 bytes)


Collecting Variations can be a number of small details.  With FEB's, it may start with something as simple as a dispenser with feet, or one without.

febfeet.jpg (22740 bytes)

NF vs. WF

One of the most common Variations of Pez is the patent number.

febpat.jpg (26648 bytes)

Shown here is 2.6 (2,620,061) FEB and a 3.4 (3,410,455) FEB.  Now to some, a 2.6 vs. a 3.4 would not be considered a "different" dispenser.  But to me, it's a completely different animal (pun intended).

Then there's the little marking collectors call country of origin.

febyugo.jpg (9876 bytes)                 febjugo.jpg (16703 bytes)

Sure, many Feb's come on Austria and Yugoslavia, but to complete the set, one needs a Jugoslavia!  Are these dispensers different?  But of course!

Fine.  How about stem colors?

febstem.jpg (33187 bytes)

Does this a Varition make?  Sounds like Shakespeare, huh?   But alas, some only collect from the neck up.

If you're not into stems, how about the most important aspect of the Fat Ear Bunnies, head color?  It can be two completely different colors or just two different shades of the same color.

febheads.jpg (27419 bytes)

Above are two different shades of pink.  The lighter on the left is an Austria 3.4 (3,410,455) patent, and the darker pink on the right is an Austria with no patent marked. 

Would you look at the color of the inner sleeve on the Bunny on the right.  Beautiful!

febis.jpg (15352 bytes)

How about two different yellows?

yellows.jpg (25730 bytes)

It's hard to see, but the one on the left is quite glossy and a almost has a translucent look to it.  The one on the right is the normal opaquey type.  That is to a word.

Springs?  Does this make for a Variation?

febsprin.jpg (15813 bytes)

Shown here are a metal spring (left) and a plastic spring (right).  See the big difference in the uprights?  The older metal spring's uprights are quite wide.

As long as we're talking metal versus plastic, how about the pins?

plastpin.jpg (17885 bytes)                    metalpin.jpg (18670 bytes)

This is what collectors call the hinge pin.  The one on the left is the more common plastic hinge pin.  See inside that little hole?  The one on the right is the older metal pin.  These pins allow the head to rotate up and down.

Ok, now it's time for the clencher.

febdot.jpg (15406 bytes)

These may look like the same identical dispenser.  Both have ivory heads, blue stems, plastic springs, pink buttons and they're even both 3.4's.   But, there is a small difference with the IMC (injection molding code) number.  The IMC number is located on the upper part of the stem.  These dispensers both have IMC 2, but look at this...

febdot2.jpg (11186 bytes)

See that little dot after the 2 IMC on the right?  It's the little things in life!


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