Happy Easter!

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What a fun series.  There are not too many characters, especially since I listed the Fat Ear Bunnies by themselves.  But, there are still many different Variations with them.  Let's start easy and go with Lamb.


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The biggest difference with them is the face markings.  All have pretty much the same mold.  Above are some older ones.  See how messy the paint can be.  One can tell that they were hand painted.  The color of the heads can vary, as well.  They can be chalky, ivory or just plain white.  Note that the above only have a bow, eyes and a mouth painted on them.

Here's a close-up!

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See how the one on the left is white, and just a touch translucent?  He's a 3.9 Yugoslavia.  The one on the right has that chalky look to it and is a 3.4 Yugoslavia. 

Ivory vs. Translucent...

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The left, a 3.4 Austria, has that pretty ivory look to him.   The right, a 2.6 Austria, is the white head.

The eyes...

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The two on the left are older and have the painted eyes, but look how different they can be.  The one on the right is a current issue.  Still the same head mold, however.  Or pretty close, anyway.

Here's another pretty easy one.

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This is Duck with Flower.  He comes in a variety of colors.   The most common is the white/ivory head.  One of the biggest differences, besides color, are the cheeks.  Some of them have what are called partial cheeks.

Take a look.

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The one on the left, a 3.9 Hong Kong, has the cheek cut away so that the hinge pin is visible.  The other, a 2.6 Austria, has the full head.   The partial cheek dispensers, like the Duck, stems will most likely be found on a Hong Kong stem.  Other partial cheek dispensers that come to mind are Cat with Derby, Cow A, and Raven.  Hummm...which ones did I miss?

Here's a look at some different greens...

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There's an avocado, neon, and a dark green.  I'd bet there are even more shades of green out there!

Time for a toughie!

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This is Chick aka Chicken in a Bucket.  The two above are the first of this series.  They are Chicks with no hat.  Their shells will be very thin and made of a hard plastic, and they will always have the metal pin.  See the little tiny black dot on the side of the shell?  That's the pin.  Most likely they'll be found on a 2.6 stem and one side will have the non-shadow PEZ.

So then Pez says...

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...these guys need a hat.  These will have the same hard thin shell and metal pin, but may not have the non-shadow PEZ.  Here's something I find interesting.  Now this is just my theory, so take it with a grain of salt.   I picked up one of these and shortly after, the hat fell off.  I noticed that it was, at one time, a Chick with no hat.  The "hair" had been shaved and the hat had been gouged out to accommodate the curve of the head.  I was floored.   Who could do such a thing to a beautiful dispenser?  One thing I noticed is that the hat was different from all the rest.  It was a hard shiny hat and not pliable like the others.  It wasn't long after that that I purchased another.   Guess what, same shiny hat.  And upon closer inspection, peeking under the hat, one could see that it, too, had "hair" at one time.  So the point is, I believe that some of these were done in the factory many moons ago, and not by a crazed madman.   Hey, I said *I* find it interesting.


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Here's a look at the hat.


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A look at the hair.  The one on the left is the normal Chick with no hat.  The one on the right got a trim.

Here's a close-up of the Chick with Hat.

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This shows the metal pin real good, or is that well?  I ain't sure.

On ward...

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Now we get to the next version, the soft-shell.  These have soft thin shells.  The first released in this series were the blue and purple shells.   They will always be non-footed (NF) and will either be on a 3.9 Austria or Yugoslavia.  Then they came out with the red and green.  Those can be found on a NF or WF, and can be a 3.9 or 4.9 patent.  A fun Variation of these Chicks is the shade of yellow.  The pic above shows it pretty good.

But we're looking for perfection, boys and girls!

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Pretty big difference in the colors, eh?

Soft-shell with feet...

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One would think that if you have one of these guys, you have enough.  Nope.

You must look for this!

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Look at the difference in the hinge pins on these bad boys.

Time to Rattle off the rest...

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We have "saw tooth."  They have hard thick shells, always 4.9.

And then...

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The hard thick "scallop" shell.  Boring.

Time for Mr. Bunny.  Boy, has he changed over the years!

Shown above is what I call Bunny A (has whiskers), Bunny B (has buckteeth) and Bunny C (doubles as Bunny Die-Cut).  Both Bunny B and C will have metal pins, like I mention above for the first Chicks.  The A, as you can see, has a plastic post.  If I was a betting man, and I am, I would have bet all three would have had metal pins.

Here's a close-up of the Bunny C with metal pin...

Rather than a plastic post, the head hinges on a metal pin.

Bunny D

This is a look of the guy that debuted after the Fat Ear Bunny.   He had quite a tenure, starting in 1990.  Not sure why I have two in the picture.  Maybe I was trying to show a white face vs. an ivory.  Can't really see it from the pic, but they do exist.  Just make sure it's not a fade job.   Look inside the head to see if it's ivory all the way around.

Here's a guy that didn't last long...

And I can see why!  Even so, we'll call him Bunny E.

I wasn't sure where to put this guy, but the best fit seemed to be here.  Rooster under Easter?  Sure, why not.

For such a simple dispenser I sure do like this one.  There's something about the colors.  You can find red or orange stems, red or orange combs.  Not to mention the great stem and head colors, with green being the hardest of the three to find.

Here's a close-up of the orange vs. red.

Slight difference, but such a cool Variation!


Can Pez Co. make a comeback?

Yes they can!  Many collectors don't like this new series, but I think they're awesome!  The colors and styles are great.  And yes, we now have Bunny F...and a Humpty A.

And what would a Holiday series be if not transformed into a Crystal?

You got me.


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