And the many, many other Disney dispensers!

othall.jpg (38113 bytes)

All Pez dispensers are great, of course.  But some of these are my favorites.  The details on them are awesome!  Now that I think of it, some are downright scary, too!  Look! 


bambial.jpg (25868 bytes)

Not to be confused with Rudolph, this is Bambi.  He'll have the black nose, but the same "rabid Chihuahua" look.  Show is a NF (no feet), four WF (with feet), brown 3.9 white inner sleeve, same with a yellow inner sleeve, one no spine, and a yellow stem one.  Something to look for on these guys is one marked with the Disney copyright.  That's a cool Variation.

Chip or Dale?

chipall.jpg (31591 bytes)

Most collectors will say Chip.  This guy can be found with three different face colors, pink (the most common), brown and orange.  The stems are quite plentiful, too.  Shown for the pink face guys are a brown NF, black WF, brown WF, brown WF and no spine, black NF and a red WF.  Did you know that the head post receptacle (for lack of a better term) in the hat is all the way to one side of the hat?   Just thought I'd share.


dalall.jpg (28281 bytes)

Shown above is the regular Dalmatian.  He has a unique Variation of his own.  Look at the copyright on the back.  There's two to look for.  A picture is in order here.

Got your glasses on?

dalcopy.jpg (17303 bytes)

Both say Walt Disney Production, but it's definitely a different head mold.

Now for the white head guy...

dalwht.jpg (24747 bytes)

Pretty neat looking, if you ask me.  The face color can be a milky white or it can be a chalky opaquey kinda look.  Another interesting thing is, again, the copyright markings.  The one in the middle has a copyright like the regular Dalmatian's markings in the previous picture, on the left.  The other two have no Walt Disney Production, just the marking.  Strange.

Crazy painting...

dalears.jpg (18749 bytes)

Look how different all the face markings can be, especially compared to the regular one (far left).


dumball.jpg (35477 bytes)

The big difference with this big lug is his face colors.   The gray head is obvious, but what collectors call the two-tone is not quite as easy to notice, sometimes.  Sometimes the blue trunk can be quite different than the head color.  The trunk can also be quite pliable.  The newer ones (4.9 Hungary) will, however, have trunks that match the head and that are made with very rigid plastic.

A close-up!

dumtrk.jpg (20378 bytes)

This is not the best example of the two-tone look, but it's the best I can do.  The one on the left has the soft and somewhat darker trunk.   He's a 2.6 Austria, NF, with an IMC 3.  The one on the right was the last to be produced.  He's on a footed 4.9 Hungary stem.

This guy is kinda cool!

dumbspn.jpg (14757 bytes)                             dumbsps.jpg (11654 bytes)

He is a "Made in Spain."  Dispensers that were made in Spain are not very common.  They were made around the same time as the USA stems (1978-79), which would explain why they have an IMC of 9.  There are also ones made in Mexico which you'll see further down the page with the Practical Pigs.  Spain stems can be either 3.4 or 3.9 and can come NF or WF.  The two-tone trunk shows up better in this pic.


Let's do a scary one...

tinkpete.jpg (19176 bytes)

Although a true classic, one has to be honest and say that these guys are scary.  Tinkerbelle looks a bit evil and Peter Pan looks downright possessed.   You gotta love them, though.


mowall.jpg (35150 bytes)

Here's the first in the vintage Jungle Book series.  Mowgli comes in quite a different range of colors, both face and stem.  I've put the best comparison two in the front row.  See how Club Med the one on the left looks?!   The pink face on the right is a 2.6 Austria with a metal spring.

Let's continue the Jungle Book theme...

kingall.jpg (32026 bytes)

This is King Louie.  Aside from the many different face colors, the key Variation with the head mold is the hinge pin. 


kingpin.jpg (22480 bytes)

Two great different shades and one with a hinge pin hole and one without.  Look below the ear of the one on the right.  See the hole?

The same holds true with...

balall.jpg (35241 bytes)

Baloo.  Some have hinge pin holes and some do not.   The ones shown above are a Yugoslavia 3.9 WF, Austria 3.9 WF (blue), "J"ugoslavia 3.9 NF (red), no country marked (IMC 5) 3.9 NF, Yugoslavia 3.9 NF, DBP NF no IMC, DBP NF no IMC 2, Austria 2.6 NF, and a Austria 3.9 WF no spine stem.

Here's a strange Baloo...

balstem.jpg (19365 bytes)

For some reason this Baloo has a stem with absolutely no markings on one side.  I'm not sure why, but it is pretty unique.  The other side has just the PEZ written on it so this blank side must be the patent/country of origin side???

Another classic!

caphall.jpg (42506 bytes)


I just love the details on Captain Hook!  Shown, from left, is a USA 3.8, Austria 3.4 and a DBP.

Look at those teeth!

capface.jpg (19835 bytes)

They sure don't make them like they used to.

And yet another collector's fav...

jimall.jpg (32955 bytes)

This is Jiminy Cricket, if you didn't know.  Did you know that his hat is three pieces?  Yep, the black top hat is two and the green band is another.  His green collars are a problem, though.  They fall off pretty easy so it's common to find him with one or both missing.  Show is a Austria 3.9, Austria 2.6 with metal spring, and a Yugoslavia 2.6 also with metal spring.

This is Lil Wolf.

lilall.jpg (36666 bytes)

Some call him Figaro.  That works for me.  The older ones will have the back of their heads painted black.


lilhead.jpg (28776 bytes)

The one on the right has that super glossy head paint, and a metal spring.  The other with no paint was released later.

Here's a couple new gals...

mindais.jpg (20517 bytes)

This is Minnie and Daisy.  Minnie looks happy to me, but Daisy looks to be a bit cranky.

Here's Pinocchio.

pinca.jpg (13949 bytes)

This is called Pinocchio A.  He can also be found with a yellow hat.  Really, I wouldn't lie to you.

And his successor...

pincall.jpg (35827 bytes)

is Pinocchio B, but you knew that, didn't you?  This guy is interesting.  Wanna know why?  First of all, he can be found on DBP, 2.6, and 3.9.  The DBP and the 2.6 will have a metal pin, metal spring and have PEZ non-shadow on one side (shown far left).  The 3.9 will have plastic pin, plastic spring, but will still have the non-shadow stem.  I find it mind boggling.  Your mileage may vary.

Winnie the Pooh

poohall.jpg (27876 bytes)


Just by reading that I know you'll be humming that tune all day.   I already am.  Lots of cool face colors with him.  The one on the left is a no spine stem, but with a 3.4 patent.  A 3.4 with feet.  Pretty unusual.  

Another with fun head colors!

thumall.jpg (34352 bytes)

This is Thumper.  Actually, he should be called Rabbit.   Only if he has the Walt Disney Copyright does he become a true Thumper.  But, 99.9946% of collectors call him Thumper anyway.

A very Practical Pig!

pracall.jpg (33544 bytes)

Practical Pig can be broken down into three categories.   I'll show ya...

Pay attention!

prac3.jpg (23368 bytes)

Starting from the left, is Practical Pig A.  He has a flat hat.  The next is B with a wavy hat.  Now look at the last one, C.  Doesn't he look very familiar to the first one?  It is basically the same mold.  Only the paint is different.  Kinda ugly if you ask me.

Here's a better shot of the hats.

prachat.jpg (19982 bytes)

The one on the left guessed it...A.  The one on the right is B.

Here's a couple cool, Pigs!

pracmns.jpg (21255 bytes)

The one on the right is...give up?  No, he's not French and that's not a beret.  He is actually missing a hat and borrowed one from a friend, Donald something or other.  The answer is, he's  from Mexico and his friend on the red stem is a cousin visiting from Spain.  Now I think the coffee is kicking in!   Deep breath...


pracmex.jpg (18198 bytes)                 pracsps.jpg (17811 bytes)

Yeah, it is hard to see the Spain one.  When I first got it I thought it read Made in Pain.  That "S" is hard to read.  The Spain is a 3.4 patent if you couldn't tell.

Talk about a pretty dispenser!

snowall.jpg (33757 bytes)

This is Snow White and it really is the prettiest dispenser ever made!

Here's another.  The one on the left has the aqua collar and is quite hard to find.  When you do see one, it will probably be on a 3.4 Austria, and no shadow on one side, like the other Snow Whites.


zorroall.jpg (34770 bytes)

My goodness, we're going from pretty to a real stud.  This guy has some pretty cool Variations as you'll see by my inevitable ramble.

The first is his mask.

zormask.jpg (22133 bytes)

See how one goes over the bridge of his nose (right) and the other is a flat line?

Now, let's talk copyrights.

zorc1.jpg (8162 bytes)  zorc2.jpg (7557 bytes)

zorc3.jpg (7081 bytes)  zorcn.jpg (7088 bytes)  

Can you believe it?  One with a above the copyright, one with a to the side.  One with the copyright in an oval and one with an oval but no copyright!

And sometimes you can find them...

zorch.jpg (8146 bytes)

with an "H" on the other side of his face.

I've saved the best for last...

marypop.jpg (17594 bytes)

This is Mary Poppins.  She's a pretty HTF (hard to find) dispenser.  I think she's beautiful!  Thank you, Ivan!



Are you ready for btbackot.jpg (2409 bytes) ?                              Or would you like to go  bthomeot.jpg (2679 bytes) ?