Disney, the Latest and Greatest!

Disney has released many new movies, which means many new dispensers!  Here's a look at them.


Shown here is Sally the Porsche, Mater the Tow Truck, Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson.  The Variations to look for would be Mater with or without full engine paint (shown with) and Hudson with "Hudson Hornet" on the side or without, and Sally Porsche with "Porsche" on the back or without.

Jungle Book

This set was released in 2003.  The golden Baloo on the left was a special release done in Europe.  Then we have the latest Baloo, Kaa, Shere Kahn and Baghera.  You're probably wondering, what happen to Mowgli.  Well, so am I.  I appear to have lost him, but there is a 2003 Mowgli.  I'll find him eventually.

There he is!

Lion King

Great movie, huh?  We have Mufassa, Pumba, Timon, Nala and Simba.


Never seen the movie, but have always wondered why only three characters???  Pez always does them in at least sets of four.  Anyway, we have Marty the Zebra, Alex the Lion, and Gloria the Hippo.

Meet the Robinson's

Carl the Robot, Bowler Hat Guy, Wilbur and Lewis.


I'm sorry, but some of these just don't cut it for me.  Don't a few just look a little, ummm, masculine?  Oh, we have Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, Mr. Aurora, Snow White and Ariel.

The New Winnie the Pooh

There's some great Variations on these guys!

First we have...

Two different face lines on Eeyore.

Neck paint on some but not all of the Tiggers.

And two different eyebrows on Winnie.

And the very silly...

Disney Extreme


That's all for now, but I bet they'll be many more to come!

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