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Let's start with Pluto...

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Pluto can be very difficult to follow.  The differences are small, but monumental.  Ok, maybe not monumental.  That's a pretty bold term for a little plastic toy :)  I'm going to try and keep it in real basic terms, and will list them as just Pluto 1, Pluto 2, and so on.  The thing to watch on them is the distance of the nose to the face, and the copyright.  Color is also fun with them!   In my pictures I've tried to show some that have different shades.

Pluto 1

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There are three things you'll find on Pluto 1.  This guy's nose is quite far from the face.  The is larger than the next guy (about 1 1/2 times the copyright lettering).  The head color will be quite opaque.  Let's see how that compares to the next one.  Wait, before we go on, the ones shown above, from left, are a 2.6 Austria NF and a 4.9 Hungary WF.  It's interesting that the first Pluto made was produced again with the same mold and not that long ago..  They seem to have come full circle.

Pluto 2

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Pluto 2 has the same shape face, but differs a bit.  First of all the is smaller (the same size as the lettering) and the head will be somewhat translucent.  The ones shown above, from left, are a 3.8 USA NF, 3.9 Hong Kong WF, and a 3.9 Hong Kong NF.

Pluto 3

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This guy is what I call the Squarebrow Pluto.  The way to tell is to look him and a Pluto 1 or 2 straight in the eye.  If you can see his smart bump, he's Pluto 1 or 2.  If you can't, he's a Squarebrow.  Pluto 3 will have a copyright on *his* right side.  Shown above are a 3.9 Austria WF (no spine) and a 3.8 USA NF.

Here's a shot of the Squarebrow vs. Smart Bump...

pbmpbrow.jpg (22663 bytes)

The Squarebrow the brow area.

Pluto 4

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Same square brow, but the copyright will be on *his* left.   Easy enough!

Pluto 5

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Now we're back to the smart bump dude.  The only difference is that the nose is closer to the face.  Much more so than the Pluto 1 and 2.   Shown above is a 3.4 Yugoslavia NF and a 2.6 Yugoslavia NF (half flowers).

Pluto 6

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Again, he's got the visible smart bump, but the nose gets even closer!  The one shown is also a 2.6 Yugoslavia with half flowers.  What's half flowers?

Glad you asked...

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On most 2.6 Yugoslavia stems you'll find small half flowers shapes below Yugoslavia.  Can you see them?  I've also heard that some can have full flowers or none at all!

Here's a comparison shot...

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See if you can tell who is who.  Time's up!  The left one is Pluto 1.  See how far his nose extends?  Next is Pluto 5 with his nose a touch closer.  And the last one is Pluto 6.  The closest yet!

Pluto 7

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These next two are easy!  This guy was introduced in 1989.

Pluto 8

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And replaced with this Pluto in 1997!

Here's a real cool Pluto!

This is the Pluto Softhead.  Legend has it that there were only 25 of these made back in the late 70's.  There were also 25 of five other Disney characters: Mickey, Goofy, Dumbo, Captain Hook and Donald Duck.


Now we'll move onto Goofy.  Don't worry.  He's a bit easier!

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I'm going to list him like I did with Pluto, numerically.   The keyword here is "ovable."  No, that's not a word, but I'm going to type it now a gajillion times.

Goofy 1

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Goofy 1 will have removable teeth, movable ears and the key, a removable nose.  The nose is actually a small black piece of plastic attached to the head.

Let's try a close-up!

goof1nos.jpg (11172 bytes)

Not the best, but you get the idea.

Goofy 2

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Goofy 2 will have the same removable teeth, movable ears, but will not have the removable nose.

Let's check out the teeth this time.

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See how Goofy 2 has these plastic blocks for teeth?  Kind of strange if you ask me.

Goofy 3

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Ok, now we have one with movable ears, but the nose *and* the teeth are not removable.

Molded teeth?

goof3too.jpg (16537 bytes)

Yep!  See how they are part of the head mold?

Goofy 4

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This guy looks quite similar to Goofy 3, but wait.  The ears are now part of the hair and are not movable.  Well, they move a bit because they're pliable plastic, but not back and forth.  Fine, if you put a bit of muscle into it you can :)

Tough shot!

goof4hai.jpg (16638 bytes)

It's hard to see, but the ear really is part of the hair.

Goofy 5

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Here's the guy, like Pluto, that was discontinued in 1997.   Sometimes people refer to him as removable tooth Goofy, but it's really not.   The teeth are a small separate little piece of plastic, but you know better, right?

Here's a cool Variation of Goofy 5...

goof5hat.jpg (26421 bytes)

Not only are the hats a different color, but the size is different, too!  The snout color on the red hat Goofy is much different as well.

Goofy 6

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That's it!

Oh, one more thing.

goofh.jpg (11644 bytes)

These are fun to look for on the older Goofys.  This "H" can be found on other Disney dispensers, but I still have no idea why.  


That's it for Pluto and Goofy.  Ready for more   btbackgp.jpg (2667 bytes)   ?       Or would you like to go  bthomegp.jpg (2678 bytes) ?