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This is a fun series.  I've listed Scrooge A and Duck Nephews in here even though they were out way before the real Ducktails series was released.  They just fit better here rather than Miscellaneous Disney.  The Duck Nephews, or Huey, Dewey and Louie are the most confusing, so let's start with them!

The first guy on the block is...

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Duck Nephew A.  I like calling these Duck Nephews, but will switch to their names as soon as the red hat guy, Huey, gets introduced.  You will not find him in the "A" version.  The most noticeable thing about these two are their eyes.  They are just small black dots for pupils.

Remember the eyes!

nephb.jpg (19729 bytes)

He looks the same, but has a nice shade of blue behind the pupils.  Still no Huey, though!


nephc.jpg (21248 bytes)

There's Huey, along with his pals Dewey (blue hat) and Louie (green hat).  I still think these guys are different then the last series of Nephews.   See how these three are on the blue stems?  Now look at the next ones.

Last, but not least...

nephd.jpg (22027 bytes)

Now we come to the final series of the Nephews.  But, if you really want to get technical, there is one more.  On some of these color coordinated guys you will find heads marked Walt Disney Production, and others marked just Disney.  The ones marked with just Disney were the last to be released.

What's next?

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It's Bouncer Beagle.  I think the profile shot is appropriate for this guy!  he can be found on a 3.9 (thick feet) or a 4.9 stem.

Here's a pretty one!

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This is a bad shot, but all the stems are either a different shade or a different patent number.  I have a hard time coming up with shade names for her.  We've got lavender, rose, pink, light pink, mauve.  Oh, and she also comes on neon pink, blue and purple. (not shown)

Here's an easy one.

gyro.jpg (17088 bytes)


This is Gyro Gearloose.  No real Variations except the stem colors.  I'll have to look harder to find one for this guy!

Uncle Scrooge

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If you've already visited Donald, you know that this dispenser is just a Donald with the addition of hair (sideburns), a hat and glasses.  Take all this off Scrooge, add a cap and you have Donald.  Shown above are assorted Scrooge A's.  He's usually found on the Austria stem, but can also be found on Yugoslavia and USA.

Here's a close-up.

scrghair.jpg (22055 bytes)

See how the hair just pops in the second head hole?

Here's Scrooge B...

scrgb.jpg (29450 bytes)

The sideburns on this guy are molded to the head as opposed to the post and hole routine.  And his glasses aren't removable.  Well, I'm sure they are if you try hard enough.


Time to move onto the next btback.jpg (2932 bytes) ?                    Or is it time to go bthome.jpg (2701 bytes)  ?