donmick.jpg (25463 bytes)

These two dispensers will show you just how many Variations can be found on one dispenser.  I'll go easy on you and start with Mickey.  Then we'll move onto Donald.  He has more Variations than any dispenser ever made. 

Roll up your sleeves, here we go....

mickall.jpg (41226 bytes)

What a cluster...we've got Mickey with Die-Cut Face, Poke-Through Nose, Removable Nose, Mickey discontinued in 1997 and his replacement.

Mickey with Die-Cut Face

mpkndie.jpg (22536 bytes)

The one on the left is the Die-Cut face.  It is a hard piece of flesh colored plastic that is glued on the black head.  You may be wondering, why do I have the other on the right?  It's not a Die-Cut.  Well, sometimes he gets confused with the Die-Cut face, but he's really Mickey with Poke-Through nose.  The face piece on him is a soft plastic piece.  He will normally be found on a Hong Kong stem.  Mickey with the Die-Cut face will normally be on an Austria stem, and will have cool non-shadow stem.  He can also be found with a Die-Cut stem.   That one is pictured on the Die-Cut page.  And, there is also a dispenser similar to the Die-Cut but instead of a plastic piece, it's painted.  That one is on my wish list.

Here's a couple more Mickeys with the Poke-Through nose.

mrmkb.jpg (21155 bytes)

Both are Hong Kong, WF and NF.  You Die-Cut Face imposter, you!.

The next, and toughest to tackle, is...

mrmka.jpg (24927 bytes)

Mickey with Removable Nose!  He has four different head molds.  They really aren't that confusing so let's take a look.  The key area to look is on the side of his head, by the hinge pin area.


ma1.jpg (20218 bytes)

This one has no carved away area.  It's just a smooth cheekbone with no hinge pin exposed.  The one pictured above is on a 3.9 "J"ugoslavia stem.


ma2.jpg (19021 bytes)

This one has the same full cheek area, but with a small U-Shaped indention on it.  There is still no hinge pin exposed.  The one above is a 3.9 Austria.


ma3.jpg (21331 bytes)

This one has the same indention, but this time the hinge pin is exposed.  The above is a 2.6 Austria with a metal spring.


ma4.jpg (21400 bytes)

And for the grand "finally", we have Mickey with the cheek area cut away on the diagonal with the hinge pin exposed.  Then one above, DBP 818, 829, with metal spring.

And speaking of this DBP above...

misbb.jpg (15134 bytes)

This is a shot of the back of the uprights of the inner sleeve.   It's hard to see, almost impossible, but there are two letters, B & B molded on them.  Not sure why they're there, but thought I'd mention it.  Something fun to look for.

And speaking of Mickey with Removable Nose, here's a fun one...

meyelash.jpg (17669 bytes)

Check out those eyelashes, wow!  He's on a 3.9 Yugoslavia stem.

Here's one that was around not that long ago.

mrmkc.jpg (19667 bytes)

This guy was replaced in 1997.  He will always be footed and can be a 3.9 or 4.9.  It's fun to look for different shades of his face.   Some can be quite pink and others just normal.

Who replaced him?

m1997.jpg (14267 bytes)

This handsome dude!

That wasn't so bad, now was it?  Just wait.  Here comes Mr. Headache himself.  This one really does require an Advil when you try and decipher him.  But he's fun just the same!

donall.jpg (45714 bytes)

Here's Donald!  The biggest difference with the Donald dispensers will be the head feathers, and also the copyright.

Let's start with the oldest Donald.  We'll call him #1.

dmetpin.jpg (13051 bytes)

This is called the metal pin version.  See that small black dot on his neck?  That is the metal pin, as opposed to the more common plastic pin.  See how defined the head feathers are on the right?  They're actually more defined than they look, but I'm too lazy to snap another picture.  Maybe the next Donald will show it better.

And from #2 to #3

dorgtoa.jpg (22784 bytes)

So, #2 does have a better shot of the feathers.  The other thing about him is his jawline, not his yellow beak, just below the beak.  See how that line travels up over the hinge pin hole?  What that does is leave lots of room for the copyright.  Now,  # 3, on the other hand, has a line that goes right below the hinge pin holes.  That leaves little room for the copyright so the letters are smaller than the copyright on #2.  And there are less feathers on #3 as well.   See?  Anyway, Donald #2 is a 2.6 Austria, and #3 is a 2.6 Yugoslavia.

#3 to #4

datob.jpg (21616 bytes)

We know about #3 on the left.  See how he compares to #4 on the right?  The head feathers are barely visible now.  He still has the line below the hinge hole, however.  He's on a 3.4 Yugoslavia stem.

#4 to #5

dbtoc.jpg (25218 bytes)

Well, the head feathers are a bit more pronounced on the #5, and the jawline is back on top of the hinge hole.  He reminds me a bit of #2, but with a couple of exceptions.  One, the copyright is still done in small letters, even with the additional space.  Two, the head color.  It's not opaque like the others.  It's a white transluceny head.  He's on a 3.9 Hong Kong stem.

Here's another milky Hong Kong...

dmilky.jpg (12374 bytes)

Yeah, I know.  The kid who owned this, years back, must have been teething.

#5 to #6

dctod.jpg (20232 bytes)

See how we go back to the lower line?  And, what's this?   Two holes on one side?  That is because this guy doubles as Uncle Scrooge A.   If you remove Donald's cap, add a tophat, plug some sideburns into that top hole and snap a pair of glasses into his beak, walla!  He becomes Scrooge.

Here's a close-up.

dtwohole.jpg (11263 bytes)

Upper hole for sideburns, lower hole is the plastic hinge pin.

Here's something that always confused me, besides why the sky is blue.

dbeakhl.jpg (9761 bytes)

Here's the hole in Donald's beak to accept the Scrooge glasses.

One would figure if you have a two-hole Donald, he must have the extra hole in the beak so that he can become Scrooge, right?

dtwonohl.jpg (12469 bytes)

Wrong.  Leave it to Pez to confuse the issue.  Two head holes, but not hole in the beak.  Go figure.

Here's a very hard to find Donald.

This is a Donald Softhead.  Similar to the Softhead Eerie Spectres and Superheroes, the Softhead Disney series never made it to the market.  He is from 1978-79.


Here's the next in line. 

donaldf.jpg (14889 bytes)

This guy is a dramatic difference from the ones above.  He was released around 1989.  Not only does he come on a gajillion stem Variations, but his eyes can be fun, too!  Hey, blue eyes!

And yet another change...

donaldg.jpg (12433 bytes)

He's very happy!


Want to try  btbackdm.jpg (2777 bytes) ?                       Or would you rather go  bthome.jpg (2679 bytes) ?