Currents 3


I'm not 100% sure, but I think this was a promotion dispenser for a supermarket chain in Europe.  Pretty cool dispenser,. though!

The Flintstone's

Dino and Pebbles have no major Variations, but there are a couple to look for with Fred.  Fred can come with large thumb tab and "unshaven" face or with small thumb tab and clean shaven face.

It doesn't show up too well in the above pic, but the one on the left is the unshaven and will have that mega-thumb tab..

One more thing about the Flintstone's, sometimes you can find Fred and Barney on Slovenia stems, and when you do...

there's a chance that Barney will be on avocado and Fred on Tangerine. 



Breaking from the tradition of not producing real people, Pez did a couple different fun sets, Elvis.

And the Orange County Chopper folks. Yeah, I know that Paul Jr. has fallen.  Well, I just can't seem to open the tin and fix him.  I'm weird like that.  MIP means Mint in Package.  And since there was "only" 300,000 produced, how could somebody open one?

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