Starting in the mid to late 1990's, Pez started releasing quite a few new series.  These new dispensers have made for a fun hunt for collectors.  The hard part?  Keeping up with them all.  I'm devoting this page (and probably many more to come) to all the latest and greatest hunt material.



This is the "B" Series.  Similar to the A Series with Muselix, Obelix, and Asterix, and the addition of the Roman Soldier.  You can see some of the older ones under my OLDIES section.

Bob the Builder

Featuring Scoop, Bob, Wendy, Spud and Pilchard.  Look for two different noses on Spud, hard and soft, and two different ear tips on Pilchard.


Shown are Cloe, Yasmine, Sasha and Jade.  The one to look for?

Sasha with yellow eyes.


Sometimes a series come out...

and out...

and out...

Crazy Animals

There's Camel, Frog, Octopus and Shark.

And it wouldn't be right if they didn't issue a set in colored crystal.  Not sure why, but they omitted the Camel.

Here's a fun Pez Mail Order.

This is the Crystal Ball.  They come in blue, silver and yellow stars.


Scary looking dude, eh?

Funky Faces

These have come to be known as Emoticons.


Don't even expect a full picture of all of these.  There are just too many!  Shown, from left, is the second series of Valentines (there's a gajillion in this series), 1st series of Valentines (there's a 1/2 a gajillion is this series), eBay GITD (four crystals come in this group), ummm...tough to say who's the next left...we'll go USA (there's a non-crystal also), and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Hello Kitty

We have My Melodie, Hello Kitty with Bunny, Kiririn, Aloha Kitty and Hello Kitty.

Did I mention crystals?  And still to be found are the crystals with painted stems.


One of the latest.

Emergency Heroes

The Construction Worker and Fireman come in both white and AA versions.

Icee Bear

There are quite a few different bears in this group.  The earliest, pictured on the far left, is very similar to Barney Bear.  The first versions will have the black mark between the eyes.

Jack in the Box

Boy, I tell ya, their regular hamburgers with secret sauce are the bomb.  I'm not sure what they make their patties with, probably not even beef, but they are tasty.  They also come with two different copyrights- Foodmaker and JITB.


Diddy Kong, Koopa Trooper, Yoshi and Mario.

Mr. Bean

He sure is a funny guy!  Mr. Bean, Mini Cooper, Teddy and Irma.


This is the first series of Muppets, and although they came out before the mid 90's, I'm going to include them here.  One thing to note with them is that Miss Piggy comes with and without black eyelashes.  Shown is with.

See the difference?

When they came out with the remakes in 2000, they only changed Miss Piggy and Kermit.


I'm not really into NASCAR so I'm not going into all the details of them.  Now if the series was Drag Racing, that would be a whole different story!



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