Here come the Clowns!


I've decided that a full page on Clowns was in order.  Why, you ask?  Well, I know how many collectors love clowns in general...NOT.  No, really, it's because that our hero, our patriarch, our founder, is Peter Pez.  We'll start with him.

This is Peter.  Isn't he handsome?!  This is actually Peter Pez A.  He'll look similar to B, but pay close attention to the facial paint.  Peter A has red lips and the quality of the painting is really not the best.  These guys will always be on 3.9 stems, and a very good chance they'll be Hong Kong.

Here's Peter Pez B.

Now we've got purple lips, a bit better quality of paint, and a 4.9, and most likely a Hungary stem, with a Slovenia thrown in there occasionally.  He can be found on quite a few different color stems so try and collect them all.

Here's a version of Peter B that's kind of fun.

This is Rico.  See the Rico on the hat instead of PEZ.  You know, it was just a couple short years ago that I knew what Rico meant.  Was it that PEZ in Spanish meant fish so they changed the name on some?  A release in Spain?  I'm going with my gut and using that answer.

Now we've got C.

This particular one shown is the GITD (glow in the dark).

Here's another clown.

This is Clown with Collar.  This guy will always have a metal pin and metal head spring, and has the cool non-shadow lettering on one side of his stem.


An American Classic!

This is Clown with Chin.  Imagine, if you will, changing around all the different colored hats, nose and hair pieces.  How many different combinations could one come up with?  I don't know either, but it's a bunch!  Most, but not all, of these guys will be on the 3.4 dual IMC stems.

Probably the most popular clown ever.

This is Bozo.  He also comes on a die-cut stem.


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