It's Christmas Time!

There are not that many different dispensers in the Christmas Series, but Santa probably is *the* most popular Pez.  It's been said that the Pez Company doesn't make dispensers after real people.  Well, now we know that's not true.   They made Santa!

chall.jpg (36330 bytes)

Let's start with Saint Nick, shall we?

fullbdy.jpg (20051 bytes)

Here's the first Santa.  This is called the Full-Bodied Santa.  He can be found marked Made in Austria or Made in Germany.  The German country of origin is quite hard to find.

Next came...

santaa.jpg (16118 bytes)

The face looks familiar.  He just lost his body and became Santa "A."

And now we come to Santa B.

santab.jpg (13804 bytes)

He can be found with a metal or plastic hinge pin.  The one above is the plastic.

That was pretty simple, huh?  Not for long :)

santac1.jpg (15250 bytes)   santac2.jpg (13593 bytes)

Above is Santa "C."  He has a gajillion Variations.  The one on the left is what collectors call the closed eye Santa.   The one on the right was released later and has stencil eyes.

Let's take a look at the closed eye first.

sanface.jpg (16907 bytes)

The face color can come in many different shades.  Not only that, but there are different molds, too. 

Here's an example.

sanrudy.jpg (26678 bytes)

The one on the left is called the "ruddy" face Santa.   He has much more detail than the more recent guy on the right.  And notice the "lipstick" on the ruddy face Santa.  But we're not through yet...

Let's talk about hats.

sanonpcht.jpg (17471 bytes)  santopcht.jpg (14632 bytes)

The one on the left is the newer model.  It has no seam on the tassel.  Also, it is hollow directly behind the tassel.  As hard as I tried, I couldn't get a pic.  The older one on the right has the seam.

And yet more hats...

sanloop2.jpg (29307 bytes)

The one on the left is called Santa with Loop.  It was designed to be hung on the Christmas Tree once Junior was done scarfing the candy.   Now look at the one on the right.  See the little nub on the hat?  Many Santa dispensers will have this nub.  Seems Pez Co. used the same mold, but filled in the loop rather than making a new mold.  Pretty economical, huh?

Back to face color, if you're still awake.

blksan.jpg (24436 bytes)

This is called the black Santa.  It's a test mold.   Black plastic was injected in the mold to see how it worked.  Looks like it worked to me.  The ones above are the open eye Santa, but I've been told that the ruddy face can be found this way, too.

Here's some odd balls...

sanneon.jpg (20187 bytes)

On the right is the Neon Santa

sanmsft.jpg (11327 bytes)

The Santa Misfit

sanyell.jpg (15321 bytes)

And a cool yellow face Santa

And last, but not least...

santad.jpg (13816 bytes)

The latest Santa on the block!

And his lovely bride.

Mrs. Claus is a new addition for the Christmas series.  She arrived on the scene in 2006.  The details on this dispenser are great, I think.


What an Angel!

angall.jpg (34634 bytes)

Talk about a pretty dispenser.  This one is tops.   I've set them up with the lightest face starting from the left.  There really is quite a difference in them.

Like the Santa, some of the Angels were also designed to be hung from the tree.

angloop.jpg (16263 bytes)


See the loop?  The eyes are also removable plastic pieces on the Angel with Loop.

Two things to look for with the Angel are...

anghair.jpg (20181 bytes)

One, the wings of the Angel were glued in place.  On some, you may see some excess glue.  This is normal.  Two, the back of the hair will be cracked.  This, too, is normal.  The hair was designed this way so that the factory workers could "snap" the hair on the head.  Petunia Pig is designed the same way.


snall.jpg (33011 bytes)

The Snowman has remained pretty much the same over the years.   It wasn't until recently that he had a huge makeover (far right, 2003).  The biggest differences are his hat and his face pieces.  Starting on the left, you have the Original, Embossed teeth and the recently retired Snowman.  Let's look at them, up close and personal.


snowa.jpg (16802 bytes)

This guy will have removable eyes, nose and teeth.  His hat will be made of soft plastic.  But, he can be found with two different hat styles, and nose.

Tall or Short?

snhats.jpg (22624 bytes)

On the left is the same Original Snowman above.  See how his hat has the crease in the front?  The one in the middle is also an Original (removable face pieces), but his hat is a bit straighter and shorter.  The one on the right is the newer non-removable face pieces guy.  Similar hat, but it's rigid plastic.

Long or Short?

snnose.jpg (21689 bytes)

You're probably saying to yourself, Rob, doesn't look much different to me.  Well, it is.  It's a different mold...different closed.

Here's the transitional Snowman...

snembs.jpg (15707 bytes)

This guy is called the Embossed Tooth Snowman.  He is a cross between the removable and the non-removable.  His teeth are individually molded to his head and hand painted.  His nose is removable and his hat is made of soft plastic.  He's quite an unusual dispenser.  He can be found on some odd stems, too.


snspine.jpg (21783 bytes)

A normal non-footed Pez dispenser stem will have a small raised spine running up the front and back of a dispenser (left).  A normal footed stem will have a small spine running up and down the front, but will have a large one running up and down the back (right).  The are only a couple dispensers that I have seen that are NF *and* have the raised spine in back.  The Embossed Teeth Snowman is one of them (center).  But be careful of those knuckleheads that remove a dispenser's feet thinking it will make it more valuable.  Usually one can tell if it was a hack job.   The true NF with raised spine Snowman will be 3.9 Yugoslavia stem.  He can also be found on another strange combo.  That would be the footed stem with *no* raised rear spine, called spineless.   Most spineless stems are from Austria.

And here's the Misfit Snowman...

snmisft.jpg (10019 bytes)

He can be found on many different colored stems.

Look at the difference between these two!

rudall.jpg (19745 bytes)

The one on the left is the Original Rudolph.  On the right is the 2003 model.  The older Rudolph can also be found with a black nose.  With the black nose he is transformed into Bambi!

And last, but not least, but kinda close...

bear.jpg (13021 bytes)

It's the Christmas Bear.  This guy is similar to the Icee Bear.  Now that he's got the hat, I'm listing him in the Christmas section and not with all the other Icee Bears.


Well, Christmas is over :(  Click here to go WB01512_.gif (115 bytes)  backbtn.jpg (2556 bytes)           Or... qbutton.jpg (3114 bytes)