Here's a classic.  Bubbleman first came to be around 1991, but never made it to market.  A few, however, made their way into collector's hands.   The few that did went for big bucks, obviously.  Then, Pez Co. decided to re-issue the little jewels.  The value has since come down :)

buball.jpg (41273 bytes)

This was the first issue, and from what collectors can tell, are exactly like the first few that appeared.

original.jpg (27688 bytes)

You can tell the first issue as they will not be neon colors and the hat will not match the stem.  Fine, the green hat guy will match the green stem.   Speaking of green.  Look for a few different shades of green.

Hues of green

greens.jpg (22357 bytes)

The picture shows the differences pretty good.  Nice photography, Rob!

Here's the second issue...

neon.jpg (30787 bytes)

These are the neon guys.  Their hats will always match their stems, and I really mean always this time.

So what's next?

crystals.jpg (32126 bytes)

The Crystals.  Are they pretty or what!?

What other color could they possibly make?

gitd.jpg (12174 bytes)

Glow in the Dark, of course!

Here's a unique fellow...

goldhd.jpg (13162 bytes)

He's made of solid 24 karat gold.  What?  You don't believe me?  Fine, he's just plastic.

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